Will Work for Books

Being hooked on webcomics over the years, I love one unique strip called Unshelved. The comic is set in a library, features library staff as the main characters plus a teen who keeps trying to sneak adult books out. The writer and artist, Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes, continuously roll with typical library situations and hilarious coping skills. They used to hold a Pimp My Book Cart event every year. http://www.unshelved.com/031917 comic con floor

They sell many great t-shirts that are book or library related. I have one that says, Will Work for Books, bought at ComicCon International in San Diego from Gene, himself. So what is the point of all this back story and when do we get to the blog about writing? Well, I’ll tell you!

031917 fear the past

The last time I wore the shirt, I felt like a fraud. Will I work for my own books? Will I put in hours daily, get the promotion ball rolling, talk to fans, and be on top of the whole newsletter thing? Or will I play solitaire when I should be editing, thinking of new plots and stories when my third book is idling, and read the latest steamy romance from my writer friends before remembering I haven’t put out a newsletter in over a year?

031917 shower

Obviously, that’s not what the shirt is about, but it made me think about the life of a writer. If anyone said being a self-published author is easy, they were lying. And the ironic part of all this is that I am a married retired woman. I don’t have children to raise, I don’t have a 40 hour per week or more job, and I write every day. My health is moderately good, mostly weight issues to deal with, and I walk every day.

031917 without you

I am getting excited about the upcoming writers’ convention and I am making strides in finishing the mourning for my dear friend. I can work for books! Accountability is absolutely vital to any project like this. So starting on April 1st, I will post a daily word count, just like I did for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I may be editing if all goes well at the convention, but nonetheless, I will be at my desk, on my computer or laptop and writing, writing, writing.

031917 will say i did it

I feel so much better. You have helped me commit and you didn’t even know you were going to do that, did you? Kind of like being in a novel and being thrown a plot twist! Next step, get that newsletter up and running!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Will Work for Books

  1. I have to remind myself daily: I am the only person who is writing this book. The excuses I come up with are unreal! To be back in school and using them for unfinished homework ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mind, I have one rule to my procrastination, it has to be writing relevant. I will be watching a lecture on writing, or reading books and having the critique me pop up, or listening to podcasts. Are you doing Camp NaNo?

    1. Camp NaNo would be a first for me, I barely made it through regular NaNo. After the convention this week, I’ll figure out if I can. I have baby birds coming to be fed, but maybe I can do it.

      1. That’s the best thing about Camp though, you get the choose your own goals. You can tailor it to your life ๐Ÿ™‚

        Not pressuring you though, totally understand when things get a bit all over the place. I failed last year, so I’ve a more feasible goal this year… I hope!

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