Conventions Make Me Crazy

Decades past, I had my first chance to go to a convention. The event took place in Los Angeles and was put on by the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror Association. My friends were going with me to see some of our Star Trek favorites. Also, Christopher Lee was going to be there. I was so excited.


032317 mr leeThen the dreams started. I missed the train. I got to the hotel a week late. I forgot to pack clothes and had to wear the same outfit all weekend. Oh, the humanity and the fandomity! In the end, all went well and I had a wonderful time.

032317 actual horse

I continue to plan to attend conventions, but these days the ones where I have to pack and drive are more about writing than fandom. I am even more anxious before they happen. Last summer’s RWA National Convention took place only an hour’s drive or so south of my home. Still, I wanted to stay at the hotel for most of the weekend. I lucked out on a deal for a room when the person who reserved it could not make it. I had to find a roommate, but then that fell into place.


View out the window rwa 2016
The view out my hotel window at RWA National last July.


Nightmares included getting lost on the way to the hotel, my roommate getting stuck at home and not able to join me, the packing thing, and not having money for meals. And in the end, the event was amazing, I loved every minute of it, even waiting at the airport for my new friend and roommate to arrive.

So it’s no surprise that last night, I had a dream about the California Dreamin’ Convention that’s coming up on March 24th. I attended a party with family and friends, then realized I needed to pack and get on the road. I could not find the suit I wanted to wear when I pitched my story. I couldn’t decide which of three swimsuits to pack. Then I got to the place where my ride was going to meet me and couldn’t find her and didn’t seem to have brought my luggage with me. Oy!

032317 nightmare

Not only is this convention going to be more stressful, because I am not driving and so will not be able to get home if there’s an emergency, but I have so many commitments and things to take care of this week. I am sure I will miss something. My husband is perfectly capable of walking the dog and feeding her, but she will be looking for me everywhere. Just about the time she thinks I am gone forever, I’ll get to come home.

032317 home sweet home

I will get fresh water and food to all the birds before I go and Mike can check the water for them all at least once. No one will starve and if it rains, the water won’t be as big of an issue. But will I stop worrying about the flock? Not until I get home again, I am sure.

032317 till im with you

Worry is so counter-productive. I am less creative when I worry and less competent. In a self-fulfilling way, worry almost guarantees I will miss something important. So my goal this week is to make lists, cover all the bases, relax, and meditate as much as possible. Because I know I will have a great time no matter what I forget.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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