You’re the Nut in My Coffee

How many diets and fads have you lived through? South Beach? Fit For Life? Blood Type? Atkins? Shakes Only? DASH? Mediterranean? FUDiet? Paleo? Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Medifast, wow, there is big money to be made in weight loss fields.

My certified nutritionist, Kim Ruby, tells us that the best diet for you is the one that works. She’s right because if you don’t see progress, you will go off that plan. Or if it’s too stringent for you or doesn’t include moderate exercise that can increase as you release fat.

032517 ben and jerrys

Nutrition is so important along with reading labels and knowing how much salt, sugar, protein, carbs, and so on, you can have daily. Serving size is the first thing to look at on the label. You know those pints of ice cream? That’s four servings, one-half cup each, at 260 calories (or more) per serving. I need to hire someone to wrestle it from my hands when I finish one-fourth because otherwise, it’s all going down.

032517 lots of milks

While dairy fats are beneficial for people, saving calories is saving calories. That’s how soy milk and almond milk and coconut milk became popular. But are we trading essential benefits like calcium and vitamin D? It would take a lot more room than I have on this blog to debate that subject. I believe that real cow’s milk has a place in almost everyone’s diet. There are folks who don’t do well with dairy, and so they need choices.

032517 fairlife

FairLife milk is an excellent choice. Their product is lactose-free and pretty good for everyone. I am planning to try it soon and hopefully make the switch. Part of the company’s philosophy is that the cows are central to the product and need to be kept happy and safe. I like that!

032517 coffeemate

For years, I have used a certain powdered creamer in my coffee. By the way, coffee is a good thing for dieters. What we put in them is another matter. I use stevia because my teeth are all sweet. I stopped using the powder when I went on the Medifast program. Let’s face it, the powder is made of a bunch of things we might not know about or be able to pronounce. It’s basically fat. There is no beneficial trade-off for this fat.

032517 milk vs almond

I started adding almond and coconut milk to my morning wake-up beverage. I thought I had a pretty good blend of nutrients and flavor. But one important thing I didn’t have was thick, creamy texture for my coffee. I mentioned this at my weekly support group on weight loss and learned that cashew milk is the thickest and creamiest of all. Now, I’m hooked on it.

032517 cashew milk

Cashew Milk, you’re the nut in my coffee. Happy to have you helping me improve my nutrition and caloric intake. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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