California Dreamin’ 2017 Conference Part 9

The Sassy Writers 5-minute Guide to Staying Young by Pamela DuMond and a host of others

The last Sunday of each month, I focus on ways to find a healthier lifestyle than writing usually allows. How awesome would it be to have a career as a Romance Writer and a career in a field that can help writers feel better and stay young! Pamela DuMond has that awesome life and she loves to share it with people. (Best to find her on Twitter @Pamela_DuMond

Massage is one of the best tools available to relax, refresh, and reset your physical self. The audience had an advantage in that we could tell her where it hurts and she showed us how to work with it. In between getting a standing desk and other useful and helpful things, do this reset. She likes to reset. It’s easy things to do, relatively inexpensive, and you don’t need a spa.

043017 youthful glow

Ms. DuMond has written a great book, Staying Young: Simple Techniques to Look and Feel Young. It has wonderful illustrations and hints with easy to get equipment. For instance, get two tennis balls and put them in an old sock. You can get a set of resistance bands but each time you use them, always check for tears. A necessary item of equipment is a foam roller. The rollers come in several firmnesses. The hard one is really hard, so go for the medium.

043017 pamela
Pamela DuMond reading to fans

Then she led us through some stretches. The first one is: Stand up and grow tall. It’s very similar to the mountain pose from yoga. Stretch your head up gently without tilting in any direction. Page 36

Of course, you must not start any exercise routine or even these stretches without consulting your medical professional. If you experience any pain, stop at once. The book covers this in the disclaimer and provides innovative icing techniques. My ice pack and my heating pad, they comfort me. Just saying.

We tried the Monkey Stretch, the Ballerina Stretch, page 70. We learned that Squats can be modified with pelvic tilts. We watched as a model demonstrated the exercise on page 38.

043017 bear
Love that some of the exercises are demonstrated with a teddy bear.

Page 81: Feet bottoms together. Lean forward. A variation is to Sit on the floor, lean forward gently. Reach for shins. Then work to ankles. Then work to toes.

Page 61 shows the Incredible Gym Ball. You can use it for crunches for your abs. Imagine you have an apple under your chin. Crunch a little, then a little more, then a little more. Be able to see the ceiling at all times. Blood flow in gut helps you in so many different ways.

Bridges, little tiny bridges, can give your abs strength as well as your pelvic floor. Lift with intention, hold. Then do the Pelvic Tilt.

043017 bridges

Also on Page 81: Knee hip circles. On your back, knees in the chest. Roll to one side, then reverse.

Most people think their hip and back pain is sciatica, but more often it’s piriformis syndrome. Page 81 will help with that. You can do it while standing if you hold on to furniture. Love it!

For feet that are swollen, put your butt against a wall at floor level, your head and body along the floor, your legs up the wall. If you can, put a foam brick or a towel under your sacrum for more stretch. Hold for a while, and get back up slowly. Might be best to have a spotter on this one.

043017 book cover

I mentioned that I had a “frozen shoulder”. Pamela explained: The rotator cuff is a Cadillac in front, but a Pinto in the back. It’s super easy to tear or injure that set of equipment. For my shoulder, she suggested I plant my arm securely on a chair back. Leaning over with other arm hanging, hold a regular size soup can in that hand. Do circles, then figure 8s. There’s more on Pages 48 and 49.

043017 book cover stay young

I hope you will pick up this book and use it daily. There is a lot more information than just the exercises and stretches. There’s help with letting go of things, how to be happier, how to eat and live for weight loss. You’ll be age-proof in no time. Oh, and a young mind is important as well. Here’s a nice young man to help keep you feeling fit.

043017 hot guy

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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