Introducing Julia Ward

Yet another, further disclaimer: Julia Ward is a firecracker and keeps things interesting on my Scribophile group, Writers Who Love Romance. She had queued up to write something for the Bowman’s Inn anthology when her personal life got in the way.  She is charming and talented, someone I am honored to call a friend.051417 julia

Julia Ward is a Pacific Northwest native. During her childhood, she delighted in running with the family’s pack of dogs through the neighboring forest, pretending so many adventures. More stories filled her head over the years with only a few making it to paper. Now, with her kids grown and raising kids of their own, she looks forward to sharing her stories with others and hopes they’ll bring a little fun or love into someone’s life.

051417 hearts in a book

A variety of disparate jobs during her years has given her some interesting experiences and knowledge leading to the formation of some quirky characters. Currently, her primary genre leans toward the romantic side but she also has works in progress that wander into the sci-fi as well as the paranormal realms.

Julia looks forward to getting to know her readers and hopes they enjoy her work.

You can find a little more about her at About.Me/JuliaWardAuthor

And some of her rambles (and perhaps a snippet or two) at

There we were, cozied up to our computers and talking about writing Romances. Sipping our tea and nibbling our chocolate treats, we covered some very interesting topics.

DH: Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

JW: In Roadster Romance, my FMC loves cars, spicy food, and big dogs. She’s been through a lot and has come out with an interesting outlook. And she discovers that she might not have been as in love with her late husband as she thought.

051417 girl in car

DH: What drew you to write in this genre?

JW: It’s not so much a matter of being drawn to a genre. Romance, how people get together, stay together or don’t, really fascinates me and stories just fall out of my head. I know they say it doesn’t work that way but for some of us, it does.

DH: When did you decide to become a writer?

JW: Oh. Did you really ask that? Aren’t I supposed to say the pretentious thing? “I’ve always been a writer. Words have chosen me as their conduit.” (Laughs)

I did fight it. I really didn’t think I was any good. Certainly not the wordsmithiness of certain published writers. I’m too hypersensitive to read much of Stephen King’s work (Believe me, I’d cry during Cujo) but I’m pretty sure I’m nowhere near his level. Then I learned he didn’t just bang out a book in perfect form and bind it. There was work after the banging. And after a handful of people told me they liked my voice, stories and I wrote well, it finally dawned on me that maybe I needed to start owning it. It was only 2006 that I finally started calling myself a writer though not in front of too many people. 😉 😀

051417 person-woman-desk-laptop

DH: I am so grateful for that! The world needs your words. Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?

JW: Mostly I write on a computer. I have two that I do most of my writing on. I use either Word or yWriter. I like both for different reasons. I sometimes use Word on my phone so I can write while I’m out and about or at family functions. I can also do voice to text if I’m tired of writing. But voice to text can be frustrating if I forget to speak punctuation.

DH: Yeah, I can imagine! What part of your writing time do you devote to marketing your book?

JW: Currently, I’m part of a group of writers who are promoting each other. That’s working out great for me. And also giving me some marketing skills and ideas that are easy for me to do. So, to answer your question, I’m giving it, on average, about 20-40 minutes a day.
051417 spring-tree-flowers-meadow-60006

Well, that last answer got me moving! I have a lot of writing to do and a lot of marketing that will go right along with it. Thanks, Julia! Drop in again sometime.

And thanks for reading. I’ll be back on Sunday.


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