Award Winning Author

Publicity is part of being a writer. Any word-bling you can use to decorate your book cover or website is worth having. Quotes from other writers, photos of you with the well-known writers, and photos of you at book signings, all work to show what a good writer you are.

You know how desperate authors are to get on the bestseller list, even if it’s the best-selling books by stay at home moms list published by your church, it’s well worth sending you book to the whole congregation. Or signing your book at the arts and crafts fairs. You get the idea.

051817 work harder

Here’s my list of awards I have won. Back in 1994, I think, I won a contest put on by RWA-SD called Best Seven or something. It was a long time ago and I have married since then. The story I submitted was my first Regency romance. My sister loved it. No one else really did. The first seven pages were award winning. Okay, contest winning. But the rest deserved to be buried in the back yard under the dead peach tree during a full moon with a stake through its heart.

051817 romance winner

I won a poetry contest at my workplace once. The theme was Mother’s Day, and I wrote about not getting close enough to my mom before she died. So cheerful. However, the judge liked it, and that’s all that counts.

In my RWA chapter, I have won the Member of the Month award for making the Facebook page jump. Shortly after that, I made a few errors in judgment and was asked to step down. I’m not sure that one counts any longer. However, I got another one for organizing the yearly Literary Event. So that works.

051817 trophy

I also received two AttaGirl awards which are given to members going through personal issues but who still keep writing. The first time, I received it because my husband was unemployed. I had to get a scholarship to pay for my monthly meeting fees. But I kept writing.

The most recent AttaGirl I received would have been given to me in February but I was in no shape to socialize that month. My best friend was murdered and I did ‘t want to cry in front of all my writer friends. In March, we had no meeting because of the CalDreamin’ Conference, but in April, I got it. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

051817 sparklers

I’ve submitted other stories to contests and not won, but gotten great feedback from those judges, and that feels like a win. Except that every story that gets that treatment goes on the back burner. But that could be changing in the next few years.


When you see my next book proclaiming me to be an award-winning author, you’ll know exactly which rewards those are. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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