Tolkien Fans, I Feel Your Pain

Okay, so a single book doesn’t equal a classic series sparked by a marvelous tale and inspiring many other enjoyable stories. My point is, should you want to know, I totally feel your pain when the books are turned into movies. And they had to cut so much from the actual written story. So very harsh!

This thought came up when I realized I was not able to grasp the complaints of Lord of the Rings fans. I love reading Tolkien but I don’t have the books memorized. Therefore I didn’t exactly catch the cuts. I thought, “What’s the big deal?”

052517 jrrt

Side Note: For my son’s birthday the year the first LotR movie came out, he asked to go to the theater and see as many movies as we could stand to sit through. Surprisingly, we sat through five films, two of them running slightly over 3 hours. He never asked for that treat again.

052517 tom bomba dill

I listened to the audio version of The Time Traveler’s Wife. Following along with the jumps in time was not always easy but I loved the book. In fact, I even came to grips with the ending because time, as the good doctor said, is a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. So the couple involved will be together again.

052517 time wobble

A friend told me I had to see the movie. She had not read the book yet but really liked the movie. This is now a yellow flag for me. Proceed with caution and a bucket of salt. If the recommendation comes from someone who read the book and still liked the movie, I will have higher expectations.

Anyway, I took the borrowed DVD and watched it. In the same sense that you can get the sense of what a Tyrannosaurus Rex looked like from the skeleton, you can get a sense of the book from the movie. But the bones are bare. I could not believe the huge chunks of story they left out. And the stuff they kept in. They only had to ask me, I could have told them what to keep in.

052517 time travelers wife

On the movie DVD, there are interviews with various people involved in the making of this film. I was a bit taken aback by the belief that they had focused on the love story and kept to the most important parts of the main characters’ relationship. Okay.

The thing is, this story is NOT A ROMANCE! The relationship is very important, sure, and the ending is full of poignancy. But it’s not a happy ever after ending and therefore more things were important than the relationship. How he learned to pick pockets and locks, how to find clothes, how to find food, and everything else he had to know. His mother’s death was changed, the woman who took care of him after that changed, or wasn’t explored as much as it should be. Well, that is how I remember it, anyway.

052517 book by movie

My sincere apologies to fans of any literary works who have cried over the movie version. I get it, now. I wish you peace with the choices that were taken out of your hands and better movies ahead. If anyone ever makes a movie out of one of my books, I promise to give my fans (both of them. Hi, Sis!) lots of input.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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