The Numbers Game

A healthy life often means watching a lot of numbers. You count calories, you get blood work done for you A1C levels, your blood pressure must be watched, your weight, your miles, and steps walked or run. The cardio minutes when your heart rate elevated, your age, your salt intake in grams. Your daily blood sugar levels, pre and postprandial.

I heard that Cher is 71 and can do a 5-minute plank. Do you think she ever said to herself, “I’m old, I need to kick back now.” While money can do a lot to provide plastic surgery and other things to improve physical appearance, only your inner thoughts can keep you going with daily exercise and clean eating.


Unlike Cher, I am not a role model. I struggle every day with food choices. The best thing for me is controlled portions, limited amounts of treats available, and a healthy dinner of protein and vegetables. I walk for an hour up a decent incline twice a week, and I have the means of doing weight training at home or resistance bands. I have only excuses.

052817 inside right

Let’s take a moment to discuss something more critical than dieting. That’s self-image. As this drawing shows, it’s possible to get skewed in what you see in the mirror and what is really there. Peer pressure is rarely a good thing, so teach children to be themselves and love themselves at any weight or height or color or sexual orientation.

052817 Anorexia

On Facebook, I encountered a woman who spreads the word that if you want to wear a bikini, do it. Don’t hate your body, love it at any size or condition. This idea is mind boggling. Just walking around my neighborhood in shorts, I became a target for young men to shout a rude word at me. I can’t imagine wearing a two piece suit of any kind. First of all, I would get sunburned beyond recognition. I never expose the flab to sunlight.

052817 hard on yourself

Now I’m thinking, so what? What other people think of me is none of my business. When they force their opinion on me, I need to love myself enough to push it away and stop dwelling on it. Maybe sunlight will melt the fat away. Or maybe releasing the stress of worrying about what others will think and say will help me curb binging and overeating.

052817 body image fine

The numbers can be important to track, but not to run your entire life by. Track how many minutes you spend in quiet contemplation of nature, even in your back yard. How many songs you heard that made you smile and dance. How many times you turned away a negative thought and replaced it with something uplifting and positive. Your life may not be perfect. I know mine isn’t. But I enjoy so much about where I am now and because I am perfect, whole, and complete in Spirit, I can get closer to that perfect being every day. Focus the mind, your thoughts, and your body will follow.

052817 relax

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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