About Me

I’m cheating. I need to get this information all in one place so that I can update my About Me page on this blog. And in the meantime, I can share my intimate details with you. No, no, not THOSE intimate details. Just because I write smut doesn’t mean I want everyone to know my personal preferences. No, I am saving those for my memoirs.

You probably can’t tell, but I am wearing makeup.


My blogs: I love to write. So I have to keep thinking up different blog ideas. Before I got back into my writing groove, I wrote about my birds. I share my home with a lot of birds. Many of them are small finches and canaries. Lovebirds, budgies, and cockatiels also take up almost no room. The conures, ringneck parakeets, and the stray button quail also are easy to assign quarters. The three big parrots are a yellow headed Amazon named Maynard, who picked me to live with, and two special needs Congo African Gray parrots. You can learn more about all of them here:

Sunny with nutriberry
My photo of my sun conure

Three years ago I rejoined Romance Writers of America and my local chapter. I figured I had a lot to talk about, being old and just getting my writing career in gear. So I started this blog and have had a good time with it. I focus on health for writers on the last Sunday of each month because I learn a lot in my weight loss support group and I want to share it.

I joined Scribophile about the same time, an on-line writers group that had little room for Romance writers. I joined one of the few groups for writers like me and before long heard that the group leader needed to bow out. I put in my bid and landed the position. I changed the name from Romance, Romance, Romance to Writers Who Love Romance. It took off and I have almost one thousand members! Yeah, it’s not that awesome because 900 or so are inactive. But still, people join up all the time. We set weekly goals and discuss them in one thread. We share on-line classes and tips, and we get to know each other a lot. I decided to start a group blog and have everyone who wanted to blog there jump in about once every two months. It’s been fun, a lot of work, and a good jumping off point for many folks who have gone on to bigger and better things. I absolutely have no hard feelings about the group or members past and present. Sadly, it has gone beyond its usefulness and will be shutting down at the end of June. I will leave it up so you can still read the archives.

050717 a witnesses

With other friends on WWLR, I got an idea for an anthology of paranormal romances that revolve around a pub called the Bowman’s Inn. We have had a lot of fun, and thanks to the talented Elizabeth Giambrone we have a great web page. Check it out here and leave some comments.

Some years ago, I got involved with a humor blog called You Suck at Craigslist. You can read those archives here and believe me you will have a great time. Read all the comments. That’s where the magic happened. The regular commentators became united and even have a secret group on Facebook. Then the geniuses who made this all happen became too busy and wanted to stop while they were ahead instead of letting the blog wind down into icky-ness. I cried. Really cried for days and felt so depressed. We had in-jokes, we were the cool kids, I was the co-moderator and I could do magic things like correct typos in the comments. Ah, well. Nothing lasts forever.

060117 sparkyville

But with the permission of the wonderful folks who started it all, I began my own Craigslist humor blog called Welcome to Fabulous Sparkyville. We called the folks who couldn’t tell a lion from a tiger, and thought their taxidermied hawk was haunted, Sparky. WTF Sparkyville is not as big or successful as You Suck at Craigslist but I still enjoy doing it and some of the regulars drop in. It keeps me off the streets at night.

Here are the pages I update daily on Facebook:

The Bowman’s Inn – https://www.facebook.com/TheBowmansInn/

D.L. Hungerford – https://www.facebook.com/HungerfordsRomance/

Roxanna Haley – https://www.facebook.com/RoxannaHaleyAuthor/

Writers Who Love Romance – https://www.facebook.com/Writers-Who-Love-Romance-578130322266227/

Dog Lovers Community – https://www.facebook.com/dogparksandmore/

Weigh To Go Weight Loss Support Group – https://www.facebook.com/WeighToGoEscondido/

060117 anthology cover

Here are the Other Blog Sites:

https://windroseaviaries.wordpress.com/ In Loco Parrotus

https://bookbasics.wordpress.com/ Happy Author’s Guild

https://bowmansinn.wordpress.com/ The Bowman’s Inn

My Author’s Page on Amazon, from which you can find ALL MY BOOKS!


Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.



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