Wednesday Mornings

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I love my local chapter of Romance Writers of America. You may also know that I won NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for 2016. That just means I finished my novel on time. But it also means I signed up for information on meet-ups in my area.042717 writers wanted

I was extremely happy to see that the weekly meet-up closest to me happened on Wednesday mornings at an independent coffee shop not very far away. Even with morning commute traffic, I can make it there close to the start time. So I began showing up.

The first time, I did not see anyone who looked like they were looking for other writers. But I set up my laptop and wrote for two solid hours. No birds, dogs, internet, or any such interruptions. Pretty good for me. Plus the pour-over coffee is really good.

061517 heart coffee

Then I decided to bring my dog because I would then walk her somewhere nearby and make both of us happy. Except she hated it. She wanted to sit in my lap, she wanted to be off leash to sniff everything and meet everyone. Tilda also drew lots of comments and attention, making it hard for me to concentrate on my writing. And I still hadn’t contacted anyone there who looked like a writer. I was bummed but determined.

I did decide that no matter what, I was going to keep using Wednesday mornings for writing at the coffee shop. I would not bring the dog, I would sit inside close to the restroom, and I would finish the damn book, as Cherie Adair says. I would have my coffee and ignore the yummy pastries and bagels.

Tilda at blue mug

But the next time I showed up, I met the liaison for the meet-up! She had been there all along, even remembered seeing me but didn’t know I was looking for the group. I had emailed someone I found through Camp NaNo and asked if the meet-ups were still going on. And that’s how Janey* found me.

*Not her real name.

The next week one more person showed up. A few weeks after that, one more person showed up. We were having issues finding enough table space for all our laptops. Plus we are not the only group that likes to meet there Wednesday mornings.


The best thing is, we all like each other and get along well. We even agreed to have an extra meeting time so that one of our group can work for the summer and still write with us. This group is so amazing for a bunch of strangers who just happen to be writers.

I’m the only romance writer, but there is a lot of talent in this group and we are all good at sharing. I suppose we spend 40% of the time “sharing” and the rest writing, but it makes the little group more fun. We all are looking forward to our times together. I actually finished editing my WIP and will be sending it to the requesting editor soon.

Wall at blue mug

A good group of writers, a good cup of coffee, and the one food item I allow myself to have, overnight oats, add up to a writing experience that is just what I needed. Thanks, Janey and everyone in the group. You all are awesome.

Thanks for reading this, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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