Real Life Love Story

Many people who know my husband and I are slightly envious of the relationship we share. We love each other and share a sense of humor. However, sometimes I think I have too much of a good thing. Mike is very affectionate and loves to touch me. When I am using a sharp knife to cut things up. When I am hurrying to finish something because of reasons. And when I have turned out my light at night because I am sleepy. Nothing wakes me up again like a loving man who wants kisses. Poor me!


tic tac toe heartsWe’ve been together for 22 years and our 20th anniversary occurred yesterday. The path has not been smooth or easy, the point is that we have navigated it all together. There has been scary illnesses, unemployment, children, and moving. We’ve both lost our parents during the time we have been together. We reached the brink of bankruptcy and managed to stay afloat. It’s all been well worth it.

As I said, we share a sense of humor and word play. Most of our favorite expressions and jokes have to do with innuendo. As Groucho Marx said, Love walks out the door when money flies innuendo. When he tells me how much he likes something like the silk of my skin, the way my hair won’t be tamed, or the shape of my legs, I’ll tell him he has good taste. To which he might reply, “You’ve tasted my goods.” So far, I have no snappy rejoinder to that. However, either one of us might say “git in there” in mock exasperation, to which the reply is, “not yet”. Tradition has it that if one of us says, “C’est La Vie,” the other must respond, “La Vie”.

Part of why our relationship works is that we have had bad experiences in the past. I’m the third Mrs. The other two were less than ideal for the funny and intelligent man I married. I don’t think either of them appreciated him fully. I was without a partner until I met Mike. I fell in love in a very short time, but he was still married to Mrs. Number Two.

Then a dear friend asked him: “If you found out you only had 2 weeks to live, who would you want to spend that time with?” Can you guess what his answer was? Yeah, me. Ta-da!

We do have differences. He likes almost any type of music except Rap. I love Rap and most other music types. He reads science fiction and specific fantasy by our favorite authors. I read sci-fi, fantasy, romance, biographies, histories, writing help books, and comic books. He doesn’t enjoy being indiscriminately social. I join all sorts of clubs and meet with people and have over 800 close, personal friends on Facebook. We both talk to people in stores and on our walks with the dog.

Mike likes cool weather, so autumn and winter are his favorite seasons. I like cool weather but I need the sunshine. I like spring. We both dislike summer because we don’t have air conditioning at home. I would love to get fresh flowers as a present, but he sees that as a waste of flowers and money. He’s more likely to get me a new rosebush.

Today is the first day of our next 20 years. Mike asked me to marry him with the question, “Could you put up with me for 60 years?” I said yes. We soon decided we would give it 60 years with an option to renew. This year, we’re making it self-renewing in perpetuity. We can’t imagine life without each other. We’re that good.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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