Moving Violations

One time in an author interview, because I happen to write sexy stuff, I was asked about the strangest place that I have ever had sex in. I’m pretty normal in all that and I answered that having camped at a local war put on by the Society for Creative Anachronism, we did it in a tent. What make it strange was that we could hear people walking by right outside, and I couldn’t stop giggling.

I totally forgot about the one time we — Well, let’s just say our patio will never be the same. And it’s so interesting that people think if you write about it, you must be doing it. That’s not always the case, in fact it’s rarely the case. Douglas Adams didn’t hitchhike around a galaxy, George R.R. Martin probably didn’t push a kid off a window ledge, and Andre Norton didn’t have her brain put in a starship as part of the computer system. So why do readers think Romance Writers need to have done everything they write about.

072017 woman-female-bike-beauty

I’ll admit that every time Mike and I get into an elevator, we snog unless someone else is in with us. And we have looked around at Disneyland for a really secluded spot. The thoughts are in our brains but we don’t follow through, or haven’t yet.

072017 sex straps

This leads up to my point, which is, I’ve read a handful of stories where the romantic couple get it on while riding some moving thing. Horses are most believable to me because the animal won’t likely run into a tree while you are busy. Your mount might be embarrassed by the goings-on. Not that mount, the other one.

072017 embarassed horse

I’ve read books where hot air balloons were used. If I weren’t so afraid of falling, I could get into that. But for now, I leave that to the other, braver writers.

072017 view from balloon

Cars are scary, pull over! You aren’t just endangering yourself, but the world around you. And motorcycles? Maybe a trycicle but even then, yikes! If you have to use a vehicle, think about a bus. Way in the back seat. With blankets or jackets, please.

072017 on the bus

The desire for adding this extra element of movement and vibration to the sex act is understandable. But safety should always come first. Look for secluded spots on your journey and pull over for a break.

072017 come with me

While I am not as adventurous as some in locations, my characters have had some fun. In Regency Banquet, I’ve set them up in a brothel, a monastery, and in the third book, the sewers of 1806 London. For a contemporary thriller, the couple hang out in a tree house for their first go.

060516 tree house

As hot and steamy becomes the norm in Romance novels and short stories, believability can’t be cast aside. Even science fiction romances have to abide by the laws as we know them or come up with something plausible for zero g encounters. A private jet on autopilot, a drifting sail boat, a float down a river on a raft, these could be doable.

Tell me in the comments where you have your characters snogging that is not run of the mill. Thanks for reading. I’ll be back on Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Moving Violations

  1. The important thing to me in reading exciting locations is believability. Claiming a place that is just not possible is disappointing. You mentioned Disneyland. They are very observant.

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