Millstones to Milestones

Maintaining a healthy weight is in part a mind game. Sadly, my mind doesn’t want to play. All the self-talk in the world has yet to convince me that I don’t need to eat what I want when I want to. The best I have at the moment is left over from doing Medifast some years ago. My capacity to eat in one sitting has diminished. I take smaller portions at home and have left overs at restaurants.

Yes, how much I could eat was a millstone that is now a milestone. I’ve learned to pay attention to my own feedback. That’s a huge step, one I wish made everything else easier.

073017 sand-reprint-feet-sole-59876

With my dog Tilda, no day goes by when we don’t wander out for a walk, usually for 20 minutes but a few times for an hour or more. The heat of summer has kept me at this level, not being able to think about getting up earlier for a walk. But this regular routine is a milestone carved from the millstone of my lack of motivation. I have a lot of equipment that I could be using to work in more purposeful movement. And as soon as the heat goes away, that will become a regular event.

Tilda on park table


I’m drinking more water and cranberry juice. I still drink a lot of sparkling water with artificial sweeteners, and all writers drink coffee. Luckily research shows that drinking coffee might help you live longer. The quality of life is an important factor in making a long life worth the effort. My father lived to be 92 but his senses were failing and he slept most of the day. I’d like to make it to 100, but only if I can walk, remember who I am and who Mike is, keep my pets healthy, and take myself to the bathroom. Those will be milestones for me in the future.

080217 diet wagon fail

I posted the above graphic about falling off the diet wagon on my support group Facebook page with the reminder that we all know diets don’t work. Lifestyle changes do last, but they have to be worked at until they become a habit. Remembering to ask, “Am I hungry?” before every bite, remembering to write down everything you ate, those are changes that need to be habits and need to be milestones, not millstones.

When I looked for pictures on Pinterest of Millstones, almost all of the remaining stones in existence have been turned into fountains. A rough wheel of stone can be used to oxygenate the water in a pond or waterfall, adding beauty and contrast to the surroundings. In the same way, we can convert our Millstones to beautiful Milestones that measure how far we have come.

Thank you for reading, I will be back on Thursday.

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