No Plan Survives

I’m sure you have heard the saying, No battle plan survives first encounter with the enemy. Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, A German field marshal in the 1880s spoke those often quoted words. Of course, he also believed that war gave humans a sense of purpose. However, his battle plan quote is trenchant in the world of writing.

081017 no plan

Take the plot of my short story about a muse who is deaf and a jazz musician. The story first formed as a simple paranormal romance within the world of The Bowman’s Inn. It will be in the Autumn – Winter volume that will be coming out in October. However, a secondary character has caught my attention and wants her story added to the main one.

081017 woman in a park

Okay, here’s a quick scene in the park. No, that’s not good enough. I’ll add in the scene at the homeless shelter and the singing. Better, but needs to be rounded up to a finish. Dinner at the Inn? Alright, but add a promise of more to come someday.

081017 library

While this has delayed the completion of the story, The Devil’s Muse, I’ve expanded Anteros to have a library, a park, and a hot dog stand run by a couple of Welsh deities. I’ve set the Anteros Auditorium as the place for the festival to ensue. It’s kind of magical how this all comes together.

Meanwhile, my Contemporary romantic thriller is desperate to be edited. I must change the characters for their own good. I want to keep in mind the need to have an antagonist as well as a villain. The antagonist is the one who says, “That’s a stupid idea! How do you expect to make that work?” I don’t like conflict, so I have to focus on that in my stories. Why can’t we all just get along? Because it’s boring!

081017 sexy woman


I have a great writing group on Wednesdays that meets at 8:00 am at a coffee shop. I get there about 9:30. I can either focus on the work in progress or catch up on my blogs and other writing tasks. Today, my laptop decided to be stupid and after spending too much time trying to smarten it up, I got one scene done for the WIP and the first 3 paragraphs of this blog. Here it is, bed time, and I’m still writing. That didn’t go as planned at all.

081017 keyboard

Sometimes things work out beautifully, like when I realized the reason my heroine in Book Two of the future Surrey Ridge, CA series would marry someone she didn’t love as much as she loved someone else. I never planned for this idea to be the turning point in the relationship of the three friends, yet now it is coming together perfectly. Of course, once I actually start writing, all bets are off.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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