The Royal Whee

Royalties are part of being a published author. If you are lucky, you will get tons of money rolling in and be set to write for years to come. Out of the novella, novel, and various short stories, I have more debt than income. Sadly, being in the red means that the other authors in the anthologies might move to Outer Mongolia before seeing much in the way of royalties.

It’s just not fair, but I did put it out there when we started this project that it was more to get exposure and name recognition than income. And truthfully, we did not put a lot of money into the project. We didn’t hire a good editor until the last quarterly book. We did two Facebook parties for about $200 each. We purchased gift cards and tote bags and glassware with the Bowman’s Inn logo. T-shirts, too. We did our own covers. Most of all, we wrote great stories.


Sure, I might be a bit biased about the stories, but we certainly critiqued each other and certainly sought to make the books the best we could, to the last extent of our craft. My fellow authors deserve something for the work, the passion, the love they have channeled into the stories.

So here’s what I think might make a difference. This might bring a little Whee! into the royalties. I’m going to draw a metaphoric line at the end of this month. That is my time available to recoup the amount invested into the books. After that, all the income will be divided evenly per book per author.

081317 money

Now don’t get too excited. We have six authors per volume and maybe earn $6 per month. Our contracts state that we won’t pay out royalties until the amount is at least $5. And I need to get the quarterly reports before I can see if we need to pay out anything. Amazon Author Central does not give me sales information for eBooks. They rely on scan data from paperbacks and hard copies.

081317 calculating

This means the contract for the upcoming volume will be modified to note that the publisher, Double Honey Publishing, has X amount of time to recoup cost and then will start paying royalties. I might also make a deal with the past authors and pay them double what the books have earned so far and that will be the end of the contract unless the Bowman’s Inn suddenly becomes the Must Read anthologies of the decade.

I have also found so much praise and good reviews on Amazon alone that should have been used in the Facebook take overs and launch parties. I can get a hold of more bloggers to review the books, give them away free in exchange for reviews, and spend some money on ads for the product we’re marketing, a wonderful escape into a fantastic world.

081317 marketing

So far, I am optimistic that the future will be brighter for the Bowman’s Collective. We had a great cover on the Spring-Summer 2017 volume and will do the same for the Autumn-Winter 2017 book. We know covers matter. After that, we go to a much less stressful way of bringing the stories to our audience. More on that another time.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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