So You Want to Write

I recently pointed out to a fellow author that as writers, we don’t go anywhere without a writing implement and paper or a quick memo app on our phones. We have to have ways of writing down ideas at the very moment we get them. Otherwise, the idea will be lost forever.

In the same way, I imagine artistic people carry sketch books and pens or pencils. In the same way, people who rescue animals are able to spot an animal in danger. In the same way, photographers are able to set up a shot. In the same way, architects can sketch out a structure that will fit a given space. The drive comes from the heart and from the soul. You can’t NOT write.

081717 note pad

If you are just starting out as a writer, you do need to learn a few rules. A writer can easily break the rules once you understand them. Be prepared to hit walls and not know where the story is going. Writers Block is when your imaginary friends won’t talk to you. Go for a walk, do the dishes, write out your Winter Holiday cards, clean that garage/spare room/basement/glove box you keep putting off. Anything that engages your hands and body and sets your mind free to work out the issues.

081717 support

You do need a support group. If getting out of the house is not easy, there are online groups like Scribophile and Watt Pad. Romance Writers of America has online groups that will occasionally gather for conferences but you are not required to be there. I love my face to face RWA chapter and the local conferences. I also love my face to face writing group, Sip It, Zip It, And Write, that I found through National Novel Writing Month organizers and Meet Up.

If the group you find doesn’t suit you, keep looking. Don’t give up. You will need people to talk to about writing who don’t unfriend you. Facebook has many in all the genres. Don’t try to go this alone if you can reach out to like-minded people with the same insanity.

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By now, you have probably realized you need more than just support. You need online classes! Workshops! Sex toys! (for research only) (no, really!) RWA has an amazing well of resources to draw from for various classes. My chapter is supporting the following:


It’s All in the Details: Creating Your Book/Series Bible

Dates: August 21- September 1, 2017  Instructor: Rachael Davish

Cost:  $20 Open to: All

Please register:

Description: If the devil is in the details, how do we, as writers, keep them straight? Eye color, hair color, birth order, names… If you get a detail wrong, readers will notice. That’s why you need a book or series bible!

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Hardwired for Hot

Dates: September 4th-30th, 2017 Instructor: Merien Grey

Cost:  $25 Open to: All

Please register:

Ever wonder why, we as humans, find the things we do attractive? There are biological reasons we enjoy sex but what about before we get to that part? As humans, we are hardwired to find certain things “hot”.

081717 lovers



What Reading Top-Selling Authors Can Teach You About Writing

Dates: September 11- 22nd, 2017 Instructor: Rebecca Hunter

Cost:  $20 Open to: All

Please register:

This is the course that was never offered in your English department! We will look at bestselling romance from a critical perspective and learn what these authors are doing right—and how we can do these things in our own books.

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And The Writer’s University has great stuff, too.

What happens when a character’s journey is more about relationships, with others and with herself, than about daredevil action?~ ~ ~

4-week class: The Hero’s Journey, for Heroines
by Laurie Schnebly Campbell
September 4-29, 2017
$40 ($35 by check) at

081717 heroine

Sure, it costs money to learn some of these important things and there are books out there that can give you the same information. But the advantage of the classes is the feedback from the other students and the guidance of the instructor.

081717 q and a

Next Thursday, we’ll look at Pantsers versus Plotters and also hybrids of the two. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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