Sweet Ideas

Given a choice between a chicken enchilada and a tiny cake ball, I would opt for the cake ball. Really. Knowing that the enchilada will fill me up, give me protein, fiber, and taste good, most likely, I would still go for the small cake that would screw with my blood sugar, give me a stomach burn, and leave me hungry in minutes. I wouldn’t be overweight if I could easily make good food decisions.

The hardest choice is about sweets. The smart people say that if I could reduce the amount of sweets I ingest, both real sugar and fake sugar, I would not crave them so much. I wouldn’t even know they were missing. I want to believe that. But putting it in to practice is not working for me.

082717 day no sugar

Therefore I try to make my sweet choices smart choices. I love Hershey’s sugar-free dark chocolate squares. I can have three or four pieces and have the best chocolate experience ever. It actually is good for you, too. That’s why it’s on the top of my list.

082717 yasso bars

In the summer I can eat gallons of ice cream. Instead, I keep Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt bars on hand, especially the Sea Salt Caramel flavor. Only 100 calories per bar. I also like the Halo Top ice creams but they are pricey and the local stores only carry a few of the flavors. I like that they put the calories for the entire container on the front, but the lower the calories, the more boring the flavor is. Really, it’s not exactly like regular ice cream and the flavor is elusive after a few bites. Still, it worked for one person as a diet aid. (This might not be a sound scientific idea.)

082717 halo top

Murray’s makes some delicious sugar-free cookies. Down side, I can eat the whole package in a sitting. I loved Weight Watchers snack cakes, but suddenly you can only get them at meetings. I wish they had never sold them in stores and got me hooked. But again, on a bad day, I could finish off a box.

I recently tasted Crispy Rice Rollers from Trader Joe’s. They are messy and fun and tasty, not especially a low-calorie snack, but an occasional treat of this product would be nice. Cucumbers and yogurt dip might be better, just not sweet.

082717 rice rollers

Gum is my stay-awake aid when snoozing is not possible and I have a lot to do. I can fall asleep while typing, almost, so I do chew Orbit gum regularly. I love the bubblemint and the cinnamon. Before I retired, I often grew sleepy while driving home in stop-and-go traffic. I relied on the gum to prevent accidents. Now there is evidence that sugar-free gum is detrimental to a weight loss program.

082717 orbit gum

There’s no doubt about it, I should have picked better genes and the ability to resist sweets. In any case, I have to say that being out of the norm of attractive women while I grew up made me more self-reliant and possibly smarter than the beauties who had so much handed to them. Oops, does that sound bitter?

082717 permission

So stay accountable to someone who can hold your hand through the slippery slopes and stay true to yourself. Positive thoughts will always help you be the best that you can. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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