What I Didn’t Do on My Summer Vacation

I only remember once having to write the dreaded Summer Vacation essay in grade school. My mom had worked as a housekeeper for the family of another student in my class. I talked all about hanging around her house while she ignored me or played mean tricks on me. Yeah, that was fun.

Anyway, I thought about this summer just ending and all the opportunities that I didn’t get to take advantage of. San Diego is a great place to hang out as well as having amazing events all summer long. Most of which, I didn’t go to.

083117 san diego

In June, San Diego County holds the Del Mar Fair, an event that dates back to pre-twitter and snap chat days. The racetrack at Del Mar came about due to a bunch of actors who wanted to get away from Hollywood for a while and do something fun with all the money they were making. Then the race track broke out into County Fair and it never cleared up. I love going to see all the animals that the Future Farmers of America are raising and hoping to sell. The rides are not my thing, but the exhibitions of hand crafts and skilled work can’t be beaten.

Sadly, these days the price is almost as much as car fare to Disneyland (another place I did not go over the summer) and the crowds are big, rude, and smelly. Waiting in line for a drink or a snack is not my idea of the best use of my time and the temptation of all those snacks like Deep Fried Lard on a Stick wears me out. And there’s always next year.

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In July, things got really busy. The Romance Writers of America National Convention was held in Orlando, Florida, where my sister lives. Unless I wanted to hitchhike across the country and let all my birds die, I wasn’t going. Last year when the event was held in San Diego, I really wanted to go again. But my book didn’t sell and I couldn’t go. Next year it will be in Colorado, in Denver, so I am once more thinking I might be able to go. We’ll see.

083117 rwa 2017

The other big event that is in town is Comic Con International. It’s so cool, but again pricey and crowded and waiting in line is something you have to like to do. And you have to know someone or be someone in order to get tickets. Luckily through my Wednesday morning writing group, I found out how to get tickets, so next year I might be able to go!

Except there’s a problem. The RWA National in Denver is being held during the same week and Comic Con. Why, o Fates? What’s up with that? Argh! Hitchhiking is starting to look better all the time, sorry, birds. Because I either have to commit to Denver and buy the tickets NOW or I have to commit to Comic Con and buy the tickets in January. Oh, the Humanity!

083117 comic con

My local chapter of RWA holds an informal potluck meeting in August to debrief from the national convention. In the past, I have gotten lots of good information from this meeting about what editors and publishers as looking for. This year, the publishers “Spotlight” events were done more as a Look At Us hour instead of a Submit This opportunity. Slide shows of the best selling books and authors on their lists was not what any of our chapter members were looking for.

083117 needs your book

Apparently now the only way to know what editors want or are interested in is to see which panels they take part in. So looks like purchasing the recorded sessions from the conference is a good idea.

I did get to watch on NASA’s YouTube channel the progress of the total eclipse across the USA. I also got to stay out of Texas while they dealt with floods and loss of life and destruction of property. The water was so contaminated, people were having to throw away any clothes that got wet. And if that was all they could manage to get out with, how hard it must have been.

083117 !eclipse

During Katrina, some babies were named after that powerful storm. I sincerely hope no one names any boys Harvey. Just no. You’re just asking for him to grow up to be a serial killer.

September is arriving tomorrow, lots of kids are back in school, and my birthday is right around the corner. Stay tuned to find out what I didn’t get for my birthday. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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