Talking Trash

The internet, especially social media sites like Facebook, open up a world where arguments run rampant and you might find yourself trying to defend a person or an idea for hours or days at a time. Why? Because the other person started it. And you are going to finish it.

101517 !real life

No, actually, it never finishes. You can stay calm and logical and be called names and then block that person. That’s not the end of it. I keep hearing that great song, “Fool (if you think it’s over)” when I see my friends arguing on FB. Dude, give it up. Keep on scrolling. You’ll never get that time back.

101517 non seq

I kind of miss the days when the internet was strictly for porn. Not too many people argue over photos of nakedness. Wait, I am wrong. Do you pronounce that file ending .jif with a hard g or a soft j? Choosey perverts choose the soft j. Apparently.

If you didn’t know, I am a very liberal person. I am proud to know people in the realm of diversity because they make life so much more fun and interesting. I don’t mind sharing my liberal beliefs on Facebook, but I ask that if you are offended, you keep on going. Nothing is making you stop and read and make negative comments on my page. Except your desire to show me how wrong I am. Neither of us is wrong, we see things in a different way. I will ask you politely to stop that, posting replies on my page, and if you don’t I will block you because ain’t nobody got time for that. Seriously.

101517 circular

A person I met through parrot-related activities is very conservative. Well, she’s financially well off, doesn’t have to work because her husband makes good money, has houses all over the country, so of course she’s conservative. That’s how it works, usually. During thenational election, she posted comments about my pro-liberals posts. I asked her to stop and she actually apologized in a private message. I thought we were good. I did not treat her any differently after that.

I discovered that she is harboring a wound from that encounter that has festered and grown into a large weight she can’t set down. To the point that she objects to my having more say in the area where we usually interact. I so wish I could reach out and heal her of carrying around the sense of injustice and hate. I forgive her for actions because Karma takes care of that so I don’t have to.

101517 logic

But in the long run, arguing over things on the internet is a way to lose friends, win enemies, such as they are, and create negative space when we so need the seeds of peace and positive energy.

When I write historical romances, I think about ways to have this kind of argument in the 1800s. Letters to the editor calling someone a poopy head and the reading Mr. P.H.’s response was the way they did it, with several days going by between the letters being printed.

101517 bird hair

Contemporary romances can jump into these arguments but are better off ignoring the whole thing. A side note is that contemporary romances can be much more difficult to write in ways you never think of. I recently read one where the hero was talking on his cell phone and ended the call by “closing” his phone. Yikes! Straight into the 1990s with that one!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday with a look at Pen Names.

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