Costume Season

Some writers are lucky enough to be able to wear clothes like their characters wear. Contemporary, historical, fantasy, or speculative, they can just do it and be happy with the image they show off. As it’s the start of the costume season (actually, this season never truly ends) let’s take a look at the things I might wear if I were not above average in sizes.

Regency Romance — I would actually look okay in the high waist styles. My hair is almost long enough to wear “up-swept”. And I would absolutely love to see my husband in a Mr. Darcy outfit. He claims that if I make it, he will wear it.

102617 fashion plate

Medieval Ireland — When I was in the Society for Creative Anachronism, I portrayed an Irish persona. When I met Mike, he wanted to do that, as well. So we actually had a handfasting in our Irish garb. Thus I could also wear this style because women were not quite considered sexy when skinny. Go, me!

102617 handfasting

Contemporary — I could use a more fashionable, stylish look these days.

102617 contemporary

Fantasy — Should I go swirly dress or armored elephant?


Futuristic — Here’s the point where it becomes difficult to say this is me. My so-far-only sci-fi Romance is military based and also has overtones of Celtic Irish colonists. And there’s a rivalry between two very rich families who at one time were connected. Shut the front hatch!

It’s All a Dream — I didn’t go to my high school prom, but if I had, this is what I would have been wearing. My husband would have been 11 years old so probably not going to include him in this one. But at the time, I loved Gunne Sax-style dresses.

1026171970 prom

Western Mail-order Bride — Hey, you knew you were taking a chance when you ordered me sight unseen.

102617 mail order

Fan Girl — Rock and Roll, TV, Movies, web comics, you name it, I have probably been involved in a fandom for it.

102617 fan girl

Goth — So wish this had been fashionable when I was in school.

102617 goth

Renaissance — Had a hand in putting on a RenFaire at Grossmont Community College. So much fun and work and so little credit and lasting knowledge.

102617 medival

Wife and Mother — The focus of many romances is getting married and having babies. And why not, it works for many women. But also staying independent and focusing on just the two of you can work well.

102617 to gain a mommy.jpg

I hope you have enjoyed this silly romp through closets past, present, and future. Be sure to check out my Facebook page where I explore my characters’ closets every Wednesday. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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