Games to Play With Books

An advantage to Facebook and Scribophile is the ability to play weird games that would be much less fun face to face. Imagine getting out lists of silly words, one for each letter of the alphabet and one for each month of the year, and having your friends at a party tell you what their porn star name would be, based on the month they were born and the first letter of their last name. Not enough alcohol in the world to make that funny.

111617 flip through book

But on Facebook you can post a list like that and get 90 results in a couple hours. And it’s rather amusing. On Scribophile, depending on which forum you post it in, you can get similar results, but the crowd there is more literary. So games with books are popular.

111617 online

The first book game I experienced involved picking up the book closest to you, turning to page 39, and reading the second line of the third paragraph down. This was interesting, but not hugely amusing. Much more fun, you are in the book you are currently reading. Where are you? I was, primarily, in the British Colonies four years before the Revolutionary War, but also in South Carolina in the 1960s, and bouncing from the Philippines in 1944 and the Philippines in almost current times.

Take the titles of the last five books you read, choose one word from each, and make a new title for a short story. The Secret Autumn of Love’s Fiery Homeland. I’d read that!

111617 mr darcy

We have something on Scribophile called Book Boyfriends, those alpha male bad boys you just can’t forget. Mr. Darcy? Yeah, well, I go for the classics. And a certain Highlander with a time-traveling wife is on the list. Is it weird to include his dark-haired son-in-law? (Side Question: Wonder who Diana Gabaldon based Roger MacKenzie on that she disliked so much, she has nearly killed the character? Not just once, forebye.)

111617 classic books

Of course, there are the usual, if you could dine with or talk with any character out of any book, who would it be? But this pretty much duplicates the list above. How about the book you would want read to you if you were in a comma?

Here’s a game with books that you can actually play face to face!

Have a good week, I’ll be back on Sunday!

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