December Word of the Month

Tidings — A word you usually hear around winter holidays and no other time, right? A perfect word to use for December’s Word of the Month, especially as I had been wondering if there was any connection between tides and tidings. Like did news arrive on the ships with the tide.

Dictionary dot com is such a great site. You can learn how many points this word will give you in Scrabble and in Words with Friends (9 and 11, respectively). You also find the origins of the word, as best documented, and ways it is used. Tidings showed up before 1100 by way of Old Norse, to Middle Low German and Dutch, to Old English, to Middle English and on to current language. While it is part of our language, it’s not really in use except to give you “tidings of great joy”. It is a:

noun, ( sometimes used with a singular verb)

1. news, information, or intelligence:

sad tidings.

120717 temp closed

If a person walked into dinner with the family after being fired and said, “I have sad tidings,” the family would understand completely why the person was fired. Dude, you have to speak modern English! You can’t just use any words you like. I often have people look at me questioningly when I use a word that isn’t found in Marvel comics or Dancing with the Stars.

My tidings this day are very joyful. The final Bowman’s Inn Anthology has been created and published, and we have even sold one copy. Hooray! That doesn’t mean there are not more stories about Anteros and Valentine Archer’s magic potions. Just that the stories will be published individually as short stories or novellas. Watch this blog and the Bowman’s Inn Blog for announcements.

And, if you are a fan of historical erotica, my Regency Banquet series, Books 1 & 2, under the name Roxanna Haley, were picked by Smashwords for their Premium Catalog. What that means is that all of their vendors like Apple and Barnes & Noble will carry my ebooks and people browsing their sites can find them. It also means I better get that third book written and up there!


According to the Urban Dictionary, tidings may have something to do with packing weed into a cigar. I’m confused about which states now legalize marijuana, but I need to know before I make plans to go to Denver for the next Romance Writers of America National Conference.

Uncle Google tells me that tidings is a common word in churches, so there you go. It’s not to be confused with tithing, which is acknowledging the good in your life and returning one-tenth of it to the place that feeds your soul. It’s a good and positive habit to have, one that will keep you safe in troubled times. Trust me on this one.

There seems to be no connection between tides and tiding that jumps out of me. I wish it were my job to track down such connections, but it’s not. My job is to write stories that include tidings of love and a happily ever after. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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