Stuff This in Your Face

How many gifts of food did you get this holiday season? I can’t count the boxes of See’s Candy I’ve gotten for many occasions, in spite of being overweight like forever. And now that I struggle with diabetes, it seems insulting to be given sweets and cakes and cookies. Because, as I have mentioned before, I will consume all that is brought before me. I’m like the Evil Queen of Excess Sweets.

Recently, I gave up my unsweetened dark chocolates and felt better pretty darn quickly. It was a small change and one that made sense because I needed to stay active to take good care of my birds. And my house and yard. And my husband. And to keep writing. When I had the chocolate, I would sit and read and take an hour or more before I got moving again. Even when I set a timer. I liked giving that up and getting energy in exchange. But wow, did I crave sweets in the afternoons.


family (263x640)
Battling many bulges


For Christmas, I allowed myself some of Russell Stover’s New sugar-free candies that use stevia instead of any artificial stuff. So good that I might go back to my afternoon snack break habit. Sigh.

123117 stovers

So, hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies, lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies, gelato, pumpkin pie, lebkuchen, red and white Hersey’s Kisses, all need to find their way to other people. Mom Always Finds Out is a blog that deals with a lot of issues related to family health and fun. The post linked to above was for Halloween candy, it works for some of the items above. And there must be homeless shelters or hospice care homes that would like the more perishable items.

123117 homeless

But what about next year? What about Easter, Birthdays, Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day? Okay, not all of those are gift-giving occasions. Still, you and I need to educate our family and friends. We need to suggest gifts that do not cost more than a box of See’s. A two-pound box of assorted chocolates costs just under $40. Let’s see what we can find in that price range.

Two people in your circle could each go in halves on a MasterClass from such instructors as Judy Blume, James Patterson, or Aaron Sorkin.

123117 coach

Someone could get you the Writer’s Emergency Pack and The Writer’s Toolbox for about that price. I bought t-shirts for my writing buds, one that just says Write and a beautiful jersey type shirt that says Unofficial Writer’s Uniform. And I got a mug that says I turn Coffee into Love Stories. And earrings! These girls are the best.

Do you read voraciously as well as write? Well, duh, I know the answer is yes. Ask for this amazing PopChart of 100 Essential Novels. There’s a foil bit on each one that you scratch off when you have read it.

123117 scratch pop poster

If you love candles, suggest this collection of Book Scents from Luminous Candles. The price is low enough that you can get a set plus a shirt or mug. Two years of subscriptions to Writer’s Digest comes in under the wire, or one year and The Writer’s Market. One month of a SCRIBEdelivery box so you can decide if you want to continue to receive a monthly surprise. Kind of like BarkBox but for writers.

123117 candles

There are more, some may appeal to you when they didn’t so much to me. Go see the BookFox post on 50 Surprising and Unusual Gifts for Writers to see the full selection. Just remember that some writers can’t get enough of mugs. I have one for tea, one for coffee, one for hot eggnog, and so on.

123117 proofread
Basically, to stay healthy, we need to avoid stressful situations such as getting a gift that is bad for us. While we are training our brains to want less bad stuff, remember to kindly and gently let those in our lives know the reasonable and healthier options for gift giving. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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