Error. Redo From Start.

My plan for this blog had been to report on the Workshop — Writing From Prompts — I was going to teach at ConDor Con on Friday, January 19th. Then in two Sundays, I would share the Just-What-I-Needed talk from Lee Silber at the local chapter of Romance Writers of America on Saturday, January 20th. I was looking forward to sitting in panels at the con before my workshop, then being simply enthralled the next day at the RWA meeting. Not to mention, the fun of interacting with writers who wanted to learn something.

You may have noticed the current epidemic of flu racing around the world. I had a flu shot in September. I had a cold that would not go away and saw my doctor. I took the prescribed decongestant and something I have never taken before that would ease my sore throat. I felt much better by Friday morning. A little tired but clear-headed and symptom-free.

012518 fever


If I was writing a screenplay of that morning, The music would swell to shower-scene-in-Psycho pitch when I took my last overnight oats out of the fridge and sat down to eat it. We’ll come back to this in a while.

My beloved husband and I drove for 30 minutes south to the convention. We found a great parking place. Even though I had a free attendance in exchange for the workshop session, Mike had purchased two memberships, so we signed in and picked up our badges. Wandering around, we said hello to a few folks we see every year and then split up. Mike went to the vendor’s room and I went to a panel where the speakers were a fellow RWA member, Janet Tait, and the guest of honor, Cidney Swanson The topic was “The Disneyfication of . . . Everything.”

012518 nope

Almost as soon as I sat down, my innards performed a strange gurgle. I didn’t think I was hungry, so I found the water pitchers always available in every convention room and drank down two cups full. I didn’t even get a chance to focus on what the speakers were saying before I had to find the nearest Ladies Room.

Back to the overnight oats. I had made them the prior Sunday. I had mixed blueberries in and set the individual containers in the fridge. The day before, the last of the blueberries that were not used were getting moldy and soft. I tossed them and never thought of the oats.

012518 little energy

I would almost bet money that I did not have the flu. I began to sweat profusely, just like someone turned on a faucet. I emptied most of my orifices, had no fever, and shivered uncontrollably. I couldn’t even shower once we got home. Waiting for the water to heat up was beyond my endurance. I’ve told over and over the story of how my dog, Tilda, took care of me while I was sick. I won’t bore you with it but you can read it here.

Instead of a fun post about writing to prompts, some of which I will use as graphics here, I have poured out my experience with an easily avoided food poisoning. Be very careful with the foods you eat, it can get you in so much trouble if you drop your guard.

012518 andy

Luckily for the attendees at the con, Good Guy Andy Peloquin stepped in and ran the workshop. I think the crowd that showed up probably had a great time. My next step is to let all the frustration and disappointment from that weekend fade away. Whatever will be, will be. And since I skipped the RWA meeting on Saturday due to not being sure then if I had the flu or not, I need to come up with a really awesome topic for an up-coming Sunday’s blog. Maybe the History of Underwear or What I Will Do With My First Million.

012518 the hang of it

Almost as if I was a character in my own stories, life goes on through expected events and surprises. Thanks for reading, happy plot twists, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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