Obsession with Dogs

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my terrier mix rescued dog, Tilda? She’s goofy, loyal, stubborn, always shedding, slobbers when she gets excited, wants to kill two particular dogs in our neighborhood, and loves to give me The Look when someone else is petting her. As a low-self-esteem person about my writing, having this loyal and warm and loving dog who misses me if I am gone for more than 5 minutes keeps me grounded and happy.

If I were to cast her as a character in a romance, she’d be the scruffy street dog that the heroine rescues who eventually leads her to find the love of her life. This scenario works well in historical or contemporary romances. There has to be a scene where she is set as a ratter to clear up a barn or old building. She’d totally be able to confirm there were rodents there, but she’d be too afraid of them to attack. Seriously, I wanted a terrier to help us with our rodent problem, but she won’t even look at a mouse that is caught in a trap.

Tilda on park table

My dear friend has a rescued chihuahua named Princess. She lives up to her name. In her past life, she was dressed up in doggy outfits every day. Now, Princess has no clue that she could go around in just her fur. That is just too beneath her. She’d be cast as that spoiled lap dog the Dowager Duchess of Effington has to carry everywhere. Princess would have her own place setting at table, her own canopy bed, and her own Master of Hounds to walk her when she needs to take care of business.

020818 princess

Just imagine if Princess found herself in a delicate condition! When the Master of Hounds was disposing of her waste, a rogue Yorkshire Terrier took advantage of her! Well, the puppies will be adorable and might not ever be given up to new homes. Yes, they would be called Chorkies.

020818 dowager

My walking partner adopted a dog that is really elegant in body and face, reminding me of a pointer. Lucy has a very high prey drive and a great memory. If she has seen a lizard in a bush, she needs to check that bush every day. The other side of this incredible dog is that she picks up on people who need comforting. Hopefully, she’ll get an opportunity to be a therapy dog.

Lucy was that mom

Lucy could be cast as either a contemporary therapy dog who brings about a transformation in a boy with Autism and unites the grateful father with the dog’s owner. I’m thinking this could be a M/M romance as well. Then again, Lucy could be a coach dog who looks elegant next to the hoyden daughter of a rich merchant.


Dogs have figured in the real lives of writers, especially poets. Elizabeth Barrett’s dog Flush earned a poem to his life, and later an odd biography by Virginia Wolf. Flush was the one companion of the invalid Elizabeth at the time when she needed a loving companion. He was a spaniel gifted to Elizabeth from author Mary Russell Mitford. In Wolf’s biography, Flush is not pleased by the growing relationship between his mistress and the poet Robert Browning. He bites Browning, and when that warning doesn’t stop the man’s visits, bites him again.

Due to her family’s wealth, Miss Barrett had to endure her dog’s kidnapping on three separate occasions. In spite of tough laws against this practice, owners were hesitant to call in the police for fear the beloved pet would be injured. Elizabeth paid full price every time, in spite of her father want to negotiate. She did so secretly as he was not a man to be defied openly. Luckily, Flush returned home from his last extended stay in time to go to Italy with Elizabeth and Robert, whom he did eventually learn to tolerate.


020818 boatswains tomb
Boatswain’s tomb is at the center of this photo of Byron’s Ancestral Home


Boatswain was the name of George Gordon, Lord Byron’s beloved dog, a Landseer Newfoundland. This was apparently the first dog that Byron spent time with, and after his much too early death from rabies, the romantic poet not only had him entombed with a sparkling poem praising his virtues, he began a long line of companion dogs. It seems rare to have found him without one canine companion or another.

020818 space dog

In a contemporary Romance, Boatswain would be that search and rescue dog who found a missing skier after all hope was lost. On another tangent, he’d be a great dog running around on a space station, sniffing out replicants and contraband. He gets chosen for sentience and then has to make decisions that are influenced by how he feels about people or things. That would be one confused puppy.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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