March Word of the Month

Selecting the Word of the Month can be a task that takes some time. I’ve had some rough days lately, so I thought maybe a word to sum that up would be good. Like —


030118 calamity


noun, plural calamities.

1. a great misfortune or disaster, as a flood or serious injury.

2. grievous affliction; adversity; misery: the calamity of war.

1375-1425; late Middle English calamite < Middle French < Latin calamitāt- (stem of calamitās), perhaps akin to incolumitās safety

But that seemed too negative. I plan to break the cycle of mishaps and get back to a positive outlook. And since March is the month of St. Patrick’s Day, how about something Irish?

030118 shenanigans


[shuh-nan-i-guh n]

noun, Informal.

1. Usually, shenanigans.

  1. mischief; prankishness:

    Halloween shenanigans.

  2. deceit; trickery.

2. a mischievous or deceitful trick, practice, etc.

1850-1855 An Americanism dating back to 1850-55; of obscure origin.

030118 mr darcy

Wait, Americanism? A word that sounds so much like shillelagh actually popped up in the states? Holy Shamrocks, I can’t fathom that. Let’s look at shillelagh.

030118 shillelagh


[shuh-ley-lee, -luh]

noun, (esp. in Ireland)

1. a cudgel, traditionally of blackthorn or oak.

First recorded in 1670-80, shillelagh is from the Irish word Síol Éiligh town in Co. Wicklow; the adjoining forest provided wood for the clubs.

030118 kind word

I guess all you people better stop your calamitous shenanigans or I’ll use my shillelagh to knock some sense into you. By the way, in the states, everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick’s day except an English woman I worked with who could not see how her people had treated the inhabitants of the Emerald Isle but blamed them for the bloodshed they created. I am, in fact, actually Irish and actually refuse to drink green beer. Good beer is too dark to show any added coloring like that.

030118 someone has to drive

I’m going to make this rather short so I can get my green stuff out of storage in preparation for the day of days when we Hail Glorious St. Patrick, dear saint of our isle. I hope you have a great month and get lots of writing done. In the words of Hemingway, who doesn’t seem to be Irish, Write drunk, edit sober.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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