Conference Calls

Writers usually benefit from being alone with their typewriter, computer, tablet, or pad and pen. But now and again, we like to gather in huge groups of several hundreds or thousands and do writerly stuff. We sit through workshops, we listen to published superstars talk about how they did it, and we eat while watching awards being handed out. Sometimes we find time to write.

The year of 2016 was amazing for me because I got to attend my first Romances Writers of America National Conference in San Diego. As a first timer who did not attend the orientation, I missed a few things that I absolutely regret. But wait until next time! I actually had a great time and I bought the recorded talks and workshops and kept on learning. And I got to stand next to Beverly Jenkins!


I followed that up with 2017’s California Dreamin’ conference in Brea, California. Again, I got a lot of learning done, a lot of enthusiasm gathered, and pitched my NaNoWriMo story to an editor. It was fun beyond belief. I missed my husband and my dog, however, and thought maybe next time they could come along.


Egypt in California
The Hotel decorations were so cool, but they redid the whole place in modern blah.


The 2017 RWA National took place in Orlando, Florida, where my sister lives, so I crossed my fingers that I could work out a trip there, but it was not to be. Just as well, as my family went through some rough times that summer and I might not have been in the mood to be a writer.

083117 rwa 2017

The CalDreamin’ Conference only takes place every two years, so the next one is in 2019. I hope to make it there without too much trouble. There’s still the issue of the husband and the dog, plus if Mike comes with me, who will take care of all the birds? And why did I make my life so complicated? I love my birds, but I would rather put my efforts into writing these days.

Maynard does laundry


The 2018 RWA National is scheduled for Denver, Colorado. Not as far as Orlando. Maybe a possible drive instead of flying. I started to add up the costs, look into hotels or AirBNB places that take dogs, and talk to Mike about joining me. I even found a friend who would come feed birds. But there was still an element of struggle about the whole thing. I believe that if something is to be, it will happen in the way it’s intended.

030618 rwa denver

Right now, we need a new vehicle more than a trip to Colorado. We need something that is comfortable for Mike to sit in, to ease the pain in his hip. We have seen what we would like to have, but we also will be looking around at options. That will be our big expense for this year.

Next year, RWA National is scheduled for New York, and why not? So many of the traditional publishing houses hang out there. But if I can’t make Denver, I’m not even going to consider New York. Someday I would like to see it but another time.


030618 rwa sanfrancisco
San Francisco Marriot Marquis


The 2020 RWA National Conference is scheduled to be held in San Francisco! I looked at that and considered a 12-hour drive and relatives and friends in the area. Dude! I can do this! That gives my friend a couple years to get to know the birds and Mike and I a couple years to break in the new vehicle. Right then, I released Denver and embraced San Francisco. I’ll be there! Mike will come as my assistant since he has been my publisher so far. This will be too cool.

030618 mike me at condor

As I consider my options and what is best for me as a writer and a person, I can relax and know that what happens is the right thing. I will set my sights on the better options. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday with Part Two of Emily Nagoski and Emily Foster.

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