Life Changes

This time last week, I worried about getting a short story finished and submitted, cleaning the house for a party, and doing better by my birds. Then, Friday night, I started seeing a flash of light in my left eye when I blinked. I expected it to go away, but so far it’s still with me. I posted about it on my personal page on Facebook and got reactions from panic (Retina Damage!) to calm and wise (Don’t worry too much but do get it checked out).

I got the story finished and submitted. The house survived the party. The flashes of light have decreased some. I have one floater that is new, a loop of string sort of floater. I try to describe the light because it’s always the same. If someone is signaling a plane to land with a flashlight, the arc of the light from top arm extension around to the bottom is what I see.

031318 landing

So I have an appointment to see the eye doctor. I will have seen him before this is published. I won’t know until after if I am to have surgery, how long I may be unable to post things, or if I will have on-going problems with my vision.

The amazing thing is that this condition can be treated and with a high rate of success. If any of my characters in the Regency period had such a thing happen, they were doomed to a life of blindness. We are lucky to have modern medicine, in spite of the problems with it in America. As long as our insurance covers it and prescriptions are available, we can benefit from the knowledge and skills of medical personnel.

031518 stethescope

I wrote a short story for The Bowman’s Inn about a woman who is deaf. Of course, she falls in love with a jazz musician. The irony of those situations always grabs my emotions. Mary Balogh’s The Survivors’ Club had a hero who was blinded in the war. At first, he was also hearing impaired by the same cannon blast that blinded him. But his hearing returned. He marries a woman who is an artist.

I love reading stories about differently abled people. Right now I am immersed in the second Rachel Peng novel by K.B. Spengler. Such well-written stories and characters hooked me from the first, and there are several more to go. Plus series of other characters in that universe. I won’t spoil the story by telling you what exactly Rachel lost due to what she gained, but it’s perfectly balanced.

031518 eye

The role of an FBI agent has been in all the audiobooks I have been listening to, lately, so I think I want to explore the roles of differently abled agents, maybe some who are able to hide the lack they have. This won’t be easy, but certainly enjoyable.

031518 historic

So I know now why I was too tired to write on Friday and Saturday. I think that’s the first time I had to delay a post in that way. But if you see reruns here for a week or so, you will know why. Thanks for reading, share any disabilities you are familiar with in the comments! I hope to be back on Sunday.

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