Health Potpourri

The Universe seems to hate people who have weight problems. Whether your ancestors came from cold regions where keeping extra weight on meant you would live through the winter or from extremely hot regions where you walked and danced and hunted daily so fat never had a chance, here we all are in the modern world and those genes are about to kill us all. But cheer up! Here are some fun things to keep you healthier.

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Keeping the Weight Off – According to this article, very few people can hit their goal weight and stay there. Most begin putting the weight back on within a few weeks. The bottom line is that environment plays the largest role in staying in maintenance mode. So you can stop watching television, or move to an island where you have to do all the work yourself to stay alive, or you can find a support group to talk you down from the ledge of the donut box.

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Spread the Health – Is there anyone in your life who would benefit from eating more natural diet or adding more exercise to their routines? Good! Apparently, if you are doing that, your loved ones will be influenced to do the same themselves. Studies funded by Weight Watchers International show that there’s more to our weight loss choices than just a need to be healthier.

The End of Dinner and a Movie – There’s lots we can do to get our minds and bodies to work together. Biofeedback helps differentiate between stress eating, boredom eating, and actual hunger-induced eating. So then if you could make all your meals if into the time of day when you are going to burn the most calories, wouldn’t that make sense? Time-Restricted Feeding (TRF) can turn your entire system around, but if you have other time-related things in your life, like work and classes and so on, you will have to plan ahead every day. The goal is to metabolize your meals before bedtime, so you can sleep and burn fat.

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Ignore the Genes – I know, I started the post talking about genetics but that’s a way to understand why you might have added the extra pounds. Those are not excuses for how hard it is to lose the extra pounds. Farm to Fork foods and exercise are the best way to get your body started releasing fat.

Freeze! – Taking into consideration that the study was funded by a company that makes the ablation probes used for the treatment, there is some science pointing to weight loss success after a procedure to freeze the nerves in the brain that signal hunger. Personally, I wouldn’t go that far when I know I can adult-up and do it myself, but someone with severe medical issues and a history of failing at the struggle, this could be the Magic Bullet they need. I also wonder if meditation can help close off the nerves, or acupuncture or acupressure. Something to think about. I really don’t want a brain freeze.

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With or Without Diabetes – Ozempic could be the Magic Pill we have all wanted. In studies involving people without diabetes, semaglutide (the wonder drug in Ozempic) brought about steady weight loss for all subjects who didn’t get the placebo. The results were just presented at ENDO 2018, the Endocrine Society’s 100th annual meeting in Chicago, Ill. Sixty-five percent of the subjects lost 10% of their body weight in the year of the study.

If you are diabetic, this link will give you lots of information to go explore on the changes and outlook in control medications for Type 2 Diabetes. Lots of positive news that could make life fun again.

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Remember that for writers, take care of all parts of yourself, physically, mentally, dentally, and optically. Your stories need to be written, so you need to be in shape to write them. Note that I am not a doctor or trained in any medical field. I’m a fellow writer who wants you to stay well. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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