How I Arrived at Sparkyville

I currently post a humor blog called Welcome to Fabulous Sparkyville. Or WTF Sparkyville. I started this blog to fill a gaping hole in my universe. And while it might not have a huge following or make any money for me, I don’t plan to stop doing it any time soon. There’s a bit of history connected with the blog that keeps me in touch with an online family. Let me tell you all about it.

Once upon a time, a professor fell in love with a piano playing teacher and they decided to move in together. Soon they had a place of their own and needed furniture for it. The professor, being a smart and thrifty woman, went to Craigslist to find what they needed.

041218 couch

She also found some funny, odd, and downright stupid posts that she then put on a LiveJournal account. Her sharp wit caused hysterics in her readers, many of who urged her to start her own blog. And thus, You Suck at Craigslist was born. This summer will mark 10 years since that special time.

041218 cat math

I was not yet writing and not yet hand feeding baby birds and not yet walking a dog, so I was free to read humor blogs online every morning and evening. I did the LOLCats and Daily Puppy and Evil HR Lady, as well as Lovely Listings and Cute Cakes. All of these focused on the ability to take something and make it hilarious. I stumbled over YSaC and thought the posts were good. Then I realized the real show was in the comments! These people were smart and funny. I wanted to be one of them. We called our brand of humor “snark” and the people who posted stupid stuff on CL “Sparky”.


One thing led to another and soon I was granted access to the control room so that I could put up the daily “box” comment, the most liked or most perfect for the post comment made the day before. There was quite the competition to get into the box, and lots of jokes about who left the trash in here, etc. At this time, the regular commentaters(TM) had a virtual lounge in which we often placed the items we found to ridicule on CL. An early post on a truck full of bees, free to the taker, created a whole system of bless each other by saying, May Bees Be Upon You. Our creator and her beloved became the Llama-nun and the Ostrimu, based on their avatars.

041218 lamanun

A very talented artist began drawing up things that were our favorites, like cat math (75 divided by tuna plus fuzzy mice equals litter box) and a reinterpretation of the avatars. My own Windrose is based on a photo of a lorikeet I knew with sunglasses and brass knuckles added. We had such a close bond with each other that we created a private Facebook group for ourselves. People started commenting and posting there more than at the blog, but oh, well.


041218 not a lionel


Nothing lasts forever. The prof and the piano man became very, very busy. Somehow, roller derby got involved. The blog went from five days to three days with repeats on the weekend. Then, at last, the end was announced. Being part of the in-crowd, I got early notice of the change. It came at the end of the year 2014. We cried, we pleaded, but it was time to end the blog.

I was pretty sure I could keep posting things but didn’t have any luck persuading the owners of YSaC to let me take it over. Still, they were absolutely wonderful and supportive in my next idea, starting my own CL blog. In January of 2015, I took the plunge.


I have 47 other blogs who follow mine, 2 folks who want emails about other comments to a post, 177 followers on Twitter, and 44 who follow my posts via Facebook. That’s not too bad. At least, someone is reading the silly things. I have a few of the old regulars who stop by to comment, which kind of was the whole idea of keeping the traditions alive. And I have a handful of regulars who submit CL ads for my selection. These are wonderful things from all over the world. If the world is made up of the US, Canada, and England. I hope you visit the old site, and I hope you then go look at my site. You don’t have to tell me that the old one is better. I’m well aware of that. Just like a tribute band is never as good as the original rockers. Nonetheless, I will continue to carry a torch for YSaC and post Sparkyville as a way to make people smile. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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