Beefing It Up

Personally, I never seem to have positive things to say about my own weight loss. I try things, I walk every day and avoid things that are “bad” for me. Mostly, nothing changes. I firmly believe that there is something I can do easily to improve my health and weight. That’s the key to my choices. I must have chocolate. I must have ice cream. I must have coffee.

My walking partner, who has been successful in her own weight loss program, has battled keeping the weight off once lost. She lent a copy of the documentary, Forks over Knives, to me and wow. The proof is there. Red meat is bad. There’s way too much money behind it for the reality to come to light, but we need to know.

042918 forks-over-knives

As a point of reference, I support hunters because most of the time these people eat what they bag. Elk and deer meat is less fatty, usually without added hormones and not something you can get at a drive-thru window. Wild turkey, duck, even rabbit are all healthier options than beef. I’m not sure about pork or lamb, yet. More research needed.

I love seafood and try to have fish at least twice a week. My husband loves octopus, especially a platter of fried baby octopus. I have more trouble all the time with that, knowing how intelligent they are. I can’t even face the idea of their being considered food. No more than dolphins or whales.

042918 octopus hug

After I watched the documentary, I found a couple sweet videos about dogs adopting calves that needed them. I posted them on my dog community page as the Monday Movie features. As a writer, I often put myself in the place of other people and feel as much as I can what they might be feeling. Obviously, the videos connected me with how the cows might feel.

042918 woman and cow

One morning, I decided I would no longer eat red meat. Period. No hamburgers, no steak, no meatloaf, no roast, no stews unless chicken was involved. Deep breath. I also decided to eliminate pork while I was at it. I can survive the loss of bacon and sausage because there are turkey substitutes.

I haven’t increased my walking or done anything else to impact my weight. However, I do feel I have more energy and stamina. I’ve been able to face the chores of the day with the equanimity which makes it more likely that I will actually get things done. Much nicer than being worn out with depression because there was so much to do.


Now for the really important statistic. My weight. While on this “vegetarian” lifestyle, I have dropped down to the lowest weight I’ve seen on my scale in at least a year. My clothes fit loosely. I’m happy to weigh myself every morning because I know I will be less beefy than I was before. I am still fluctuating from that low number to a few pounds higher, which could be water retention or muscles coming into existence. Mostly, I am light enough that people are noticing and commenting on what I look like now. That’s an amazing feeling.

042918 market veggies

I still eat chicken, fish, turkey, eggs, cheese, and dairy. Little steps make a big difference to me so I might never get to a point where I am totally vegan. But I use Fair Life milk because the cows in those dairies are treated with respect and love. I hope someday to have my own chickens and perhaps a goat for cheese production. Things need to fall into place a little bit more for that to happen. Meanwhile, I will be dropping weight and not missing anything.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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