Alert! Your Story is Waiting

Things in my life are almost more than a sane person can handle. Luckily, I haven’t been completely sane for at least 22 years. I’m testifying in a murder trial, I lost the last surviving uncle on my mom’s side of the family, and I can’t get the refrigerator out of my dining room so I can put the dining room table back there and have a living room once again. I was hand feeding baby birds, thinking the court drama would take a day, then had to scramble for a back up when it appeared we’d be tied up for a couple weeks. I’m pretty sure the lawyers would not like to have 5 parakeet chicks begging for food in the courtroom.

I haven’t written anything except blogs for almost two months now. Yet the daily posts I do on Facebook as well as the blogs give me some sense of my characters waiting for me. And of course, I have the 5 by 7 index cards to work with.

051718 writing

I had a story with a good premise, decent characters, and a believable plot. However, the first editor to look at it wanted more depth to the characters. I did some thinking and decided I needed expert advice. I managed to have a mentoring session with a wonderful author, as I wrote about in a prior blog. Yay! I know the story will work now.

Eager to finish this and get on to the next story, I started pulling the old story and the new together. I got so lost! I am not really a pantser, but I plot only as much as I need to get through the first draft. After that, I rely on feedback to change things up. But now I needed to change the entire story, write a new first chapter, make things happen for better reasons. Maybe I need more chapters.

051718 lost sign

So I found a pack of various colored 5 inch by 7 inch index cards, wrote chapter headings on them, and carefully penciled in what was going to happen. They have to drink the wine the night before they go to the gym, right? When do they have dinner with the rich uncle? When does the guy at work get obnoxious? And goodness knows when I will be able to work the District Attorney into the scene.

I’m happy to say that I took my laptop to the courthouse and managed 172 words. That’s a huge amount for me lately. I have given my testimony about my dear friend and no longer have to go there. I made a new friend and laughed a whole bunch. But still, I am thrilled to be done with that part. I was running out of clothes nice enough to wear there.

051518 watch

My story is waiting and the words are building up. As a matter of fact, once I get this blog posted, I’m getting out those cards and starting to sketch things out once more. This is one book that is going to get written or my name isn’t Roxanna Haley!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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