Romance Trade Marks

If you have heard the term “Cockygate” and were wondering what that was all about, wonder no more. It’s about a person trying to grab all the glory she thinks she deserves for using the term Cocky in all her book titles. This blog by Jamila Jasper sums it up and lays out the deeper issues. She has a good point in that while it seems hilarious on the surface and leaves room for LOTS o’ PUNS (trademark), the deeper issue has to do with trademark laws in the United States.

As you will see when you read the blog, Ms. Jasper was never out of line in the title of her book. She felt obligated, however, to avoid confrontation and so pulled the book. She later republished it under a creatively “take that!” style. She has my respect and support on this one.

053118 rooster 2

However, the original Queen of Trademarks chose to find her comments upsetting and began a flame war over the manner in which Ms. Jasper complied. Seriously? You piss on people for using similar words in their titles but they can’t call you the beach that you resemble? Whatever.

It’s not over yet. Lawyers on both sides of this issue are taking actions and giving opinions. As this applies mostly to Indy authors, it feels much like a discrimination play. Romance Writers of America asks that any members who are contacted by Mz. Trademark, in turn, contact a person in their organization designated to look into the matters.

053118 cock fight

Can you trademark a common word like that? Is she going to retroactively sue Lucas Films for Han Solo telling Luke Skywalker, “Don’t get cocky, kid!” What a dick move that would be. (Stolen!) Q.T. is on shaky ground as one of her trademarks deals with a font she got from Creative Market where it specifies no one else can register a trademark on the font.

This lady is so insecure about her ability to get a reading audience that she used emails, PMs, and one Goodreads review to demand everyone release their cocky. Why, you might ask? Had you ever heard of the author or her books before this? Sure, book one came out this year. There are 19 books in the series. Five months to get all those books out sounds cookie cutter cockish to me. (I don’t care if that’s not a word, TM!)

053118 rooster 3

The bottom line is, this cocking font of a writer has alienated herself from all other romance writers. In my experience as a writer, networking and getting support from writers who are friends is key to my ability to keep on going. Keep on Typing! ™ Stay away from bad karma, folks. For every person she has been hateful toward, she will receive tenfold in return.

053118 cock hat

Well, May is done and I have to get back to writing. Thanks for Reading ™, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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