I Haven’t Died

Forgive me if this is in the category of gallows humor. I’ve been through the legal process of a murder trial, both testifying and giving support to the daughter of the victim. I waited around in the hallway outside the courtroom for several days and spend the time listening to interesting conversations going on.

My friend, Anna, was telling the story of her brain surgery, several decades ago. During the operation, she died. No heartbeat, no breathing. The doctors managed to bring her back and finish the operation. They told her afterward that she would not be able to walk or talk or work anymore. She certainly proved them wrong. She did remember the bright light that was tempting her to go toward it and then looking down at herself in the operating room. She apparently decided to stick around.

060318 light spiral

My mother almost drowned in Lake Michigan in the 1930s. A watchful person pulled her to shore and got her breathing again. I never heard her say she saw a light or had any out of body experience. My mom wasn’t the sort of person who would keep that sort of thing quiet. So maybe she wasn’t as dead as Anna had been.

060318 lake

Accounts of people who believe they died and have come back through their choice are easy to find on the internet. No matter if you believe in reincarnation or heaven, you will find stories to support your point of view. But as a writer, I am fascinated by the people who return with some kind of gift, like being able to predict the future or knowing that a loved one is safe and still with you. Fiction steps slightly into the realm of superheroes when that function is real.

060318 death angel

I listened to the audio-book of Death Angel by Linda Howard. I didn’t expect to feel more than a liking for the story, but wow! From the hot sex in the early chapters to the sad to stunning turn in the middle, along with a wrapping up of all loose ends finish, I loved it. Not to give too much away, but one of the main characters dies and comes back with the ability to see the future sometimes. This person also knows that the life they led was very wrong and to be assured of a good life after death, they had to repair what they had done. (This was published in July 2008)

I don’t often write these kinds of stories, letting a character call on the powers given to them from above. The closest I get, I guess, is my Bowman’s Inn stories, but I have actual gods and goddesses as characters. Not that I wish any ill on myself or anyone else, but maybe because I haven’t died yet, I don’t have a feel for the right setting or how the character should react. And you know what, that’s just fine by me. I’ll stick to contemporary suspense romances, urban fantasy romances, and Regency romances for now.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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