Are You a Thin Eater or a Fat Eater?

We are not talking about what you eat here. I’m talking about how. Those people are out there that forget to eat for a whole day. Food is not their focus, not their reason for living, and not the least the one thing they plan out every morning. Thin eaters are living their lives and eating to live. Fat eaters are eating their lives and living to eat. Often, those meals are not as satisfying as you would think.

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Next time you are out in public at a restaurant, pick a thin person and watch how he or she eats. If you can, watch how they pick what to order. Do you think they had to look at the menu online before they got there so they could decide on the best, healthy choice without temptation around them? I would be very surprised if they did. Picking something healthy is easy, second nature. They love veggies, they will have a little rice or potato, but what they most want is company while they eat. They talk to the people who are eating with them. They put their utensils down between bites. They eat slowly, maybe taking an hour to finish the entree. Dessert is either not ordered or shared with the friends around them.

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I have tried the online menu trick but it left me unsatisfied when I saw the specials that were not on the menu at all. I like veggies, but I love bread and potatoes and rice and all the carbs. I’m not eating red meats right now, but luckily I love fish. I find myself loading up my fork with the next bite before I have half chewed the one in my mouth. I don’t talk to people much, letting my companions carry the conversation. I eat as fast as I can shovel it in and have been known to be done in 20 minutes. Dessert? Yes, please! I do share this with my husband, or we take it to go. I don’t usually care if anyone sees me eat Peanut Butter Chocolate Bomb or Fudge Brownie with Gelato, but sometimes I want to be in the comfort of my own home.

How do people split into these two groups? Obviously, there are more subgroups, but these two are our focus today. I really don’t know. As an infant, I wouldn’t eat much at all, probably because I had tonsillitis off and on. In fact, my grandmother criticized my mom for not feeding me enough. At age two, the doctors decided the tonsils had to come out. After that, I did better at eating. Let’s say I was an overachiever.

My mom may have had much less of an idea of healthy foods than my dog does, but I have been making my own eating choices for decades now. I need to remember that food is not the best thing going on in my life. I have my writing, my baby birds I feed, my loving husband (actually number one on the list!), my dog, and many, many more wonderful things to focus on. In fact, if I were healthier, I wouldn’t worry about my weight at all.

062418 dessert

What makes me fat? Age, activity level, genetics, poor food choices, addiction to sugar and carbs, and the fact that I am fat so my fat cells keep saying, “Nah, I’m good” when I ask them to leave. Also, my perception of myself as obese does not help. I do believe that I am perfect, whole, and complete, I am having a disconnect between that perfect spirit and my physical body. More meditation will certainly lower my blood pressure, make me healthier, and do a lot to improve my world.

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back on Thursday.

One thought on “Are You a Thin Eater or a Fat Eater?

  1. The thing about putting your fork down is important, giving yourself time to enjoy each mouthful rather than anticipate the next. Like you I struggle with this stuff. In some ways it’s easier for me on the rare occasions we eat out as the husband doesn’t like fish and is less keen on veggie food than I am so I can pick things I would never have at home. But it would be lovely for all that stuff to be second nature. The other thing apart from putting your fork down and chewing slowly is getting away from the mentality that we should always clear our plates. You were probably brought up to eat every last scrap, as I was, in my case by parents who remembered wartime rationing only too well. stopping that way of thinking has been very hard for me.

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