July Word of the Month: Declaration

“I do declare,” said Scarlet O’Hara of Tara. And then she went on to say things that no one remembers, but everyone remembers “I do declare!” Having just slipped past Independence Day, I thought I would delve into the word, Declaration.

070518 scarlett

Declaration [dek-luh-rey-shuh n]


  1. the act of declaring; announcement: a declaration of a dividend.
  2. a positive, explicit, or formal statement; proclamation: a declaration of war.
  3. something that is announced, avowed, or proclaimed.
  4. a document embodying or displaying an announcement or proclamation: He posted the declaration in a public place.
  5. Law.
    1. a formal statement presenting the plaintiff’s claim in an action.
    2. a complaint.
    3. a statement, especially by a witness.
    4. a statement made to an official.
  6. Cards.
    1. Bridge, a bid, especially the successful bid.
    2. the statement during the game of the points earned by a player, in bezique or other games.
  7. a statement of goods, income, etc., especially for the assessment of duty, tax, or the like.

Origin of declaration — 1300–50; Middle English declaracioun (< Anglo-French) < Latin dēclārātiōn- (stem of dēclārātiō) explanation, equivalent to dēclārāt(us) (past participle of dēclārāre to explain, declare; see -ate1) + -iōn- -ion

Dear King George, I can explain everything! You see, we Colonists have gotten rather fond of governing ourselves over here and we just can’t let you keep taxing us. It makes us so mad, we throw our tea in the harbor! We kind of liked dressing up as the natives, but that’s beside the point. Here’s our Declaration of Independence. Love and Kisses, G.W.

In America, we believe one must declare one’s feelings and be prepared to fight for them. Perhaps you believe that sex with multiple partners is the only way to live and you tell everyone that you feel this way. Then, possibly, you will have to fight with your husband to be allowed to have all those lovers. And you might have to fight with the spouses of your lovers, too. Hmm, maybe that wasn’t the best example.

070518 mini

Okay, so you go to the store for the post-holiday sales. Your favorite boutique dress shop is having a never-heard-of-before half-off sale on anything bought after you reach $200 total You’ve picked out all the clothes you need plus some Winter Holiday gifts for friends and family. Bingo, $200. And you turn around to see the last pink cashmere minidress in the hands of a person who can’t possibly wear it as well as you will. “I just bought that!” you declare. Now, you need to fight the person for it. Your fist is already curled for action, thumb tucked in.

070518 sunglasses

Lucky for you, the person is Switzerland and gladly hands the dress over. “I didn’t think anyone could make this look good,” the person says. You wait for them to add, “But I see that you can do it.” Instead, your enemy walks away to pay for a hideous pair of rhinestone sunglasses that will draw attention to that oversize nose the person is cursed with.

I do declare, this has been a pretty easy blog to write. I guess humor and I have a pretty good relationship. I hope your family and friends enjoy the things you bought for them and you had a safe Independence Day. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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