A Writer’s Prayer

The first week of July has passed. I have written some on my work in progress. I am under-motivated due to the heat and the sick dog and the general stuff I need to do but never see to get to. Argh. So I have begun some affirmations and meditations which some people call prayer. Whatever works, I hope you will find something of worth in this spirit-lifting recital.

070818 mystic landscape

Creator of All, with Whom I am One,

One mind, One will, One breath.

Fill my thoughts with encouragement and motivation

Allow me to slip out of the ties of stress and duty

Long enough to put words down into reality

Let there be a channel from my thoughts to a creativity

Found nowhere else than in the expression that is me.

070818 hands-woman-apple-desk

Divine Creator, One Mind that is My Mind,

Be with me as I push aside the day’s trials

Uphold my inventions of Characters and Plot,

Light my way through the dim arcs so they make sense to me

Roll the clay of my Hero into understandable shape

Form my Heroine to fit his learning curve, to make him

One with a High Concept, be it forgiveness or sanity

Above all, around all, through all, show me that my villain is

Believable, motivated as if this is their story, and set on course

Unable to deviate without losing too much to bear.

070818 boats and globes

In holy meditation, open my eyes to PS&G that I might edit

With a whole and open heart.

Let my Beta readers see the plot holes and send in the ideas

On fixing those without redoing from scratch.

When I have my best work in reality

Send me the knowledge of synopsis and cover letters

Let me choose the right tone with editors and agents

May they not have a story just like it in the works

I know and believe that my novel is unique

And with a little Divine Light, those who need to see it will

Find my work what they are looking for.

070818 bookstore

May I not skimp on marketing duties.

May I love signing books and talking with fans.

May I have a cover that reaches all who will love my writing

Divine Creator, please remind me that we are only beginning

Let the sequel to this book flood easily from my heart

Let the career of many novels be my chosen path

Let the right count of words appear before me.

I am a Writer, a Novelist, a Romance Author.

While others may have written similar stories,

Only I can channel the story in my own way.

Thank you, Creator. And so it is, and so I let it be.


Thank you for reading. I’ll be back on Thursday.

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