What Have I Learned?

I take online writing workshops pretty regularly. I signed up for WordPress for Writers, How to Make a Trailer for Your Book, Writing from the Male POV, and Scrivener. And I have learned a lot from these workshops. Probably not what you would think I could learn.

071918 student

Due to life going on, I learned that I might start off strong on a class but eventually I lag behind. I encourage others to sign up and then don’t show up for the homework assignments. I am, in fact, a Bad Student. This affliction goes way back through my educational history.

Growing up, my mom did little to ensure I stayed current with my homework. I don’t remember ever being punished for bad grades or not turning in an assignment. The classes I excelled in were History and English because they involved lots of reading. Sadly, that’s what makes the online classes hard for me now. Reading on a screen is difficult at best, tiring at the end of a day, and easy to put off in the morning.

Mom and us kids 001

The thing is, I really want to learn from these classes. I know Scrivener will make my writing life so much easier. But it absolutely stumps me. WordPress is easy for me, I have been posting on it for years now. And that class was the easiest to follow because the instructor posted videos detailing his points. I was still behind, but I could listen to his lectures much easier than I could read them.

The Book Trailer class didn’t go well because no one told the instructor the limit on file transfers for the class. So everyone signed up received an email with the files attached. I wish I could share it but I have to still read them myself. Just as soon as I get this blog written and a few pages on the work in progress and daily posts up on Facebook. Did I mention I’m running a bird mart in November of this year? Did I mention I am easily distracted and overextended?

071918 video learning

The Male POV class is fascinating because the instructor is a gay male. He’s written many romances, both M/M and M/F and has started the class using the Hero Archetypes as well as goals and motivations. His feedback has been helpful. Last night I read the second lesson, thinking I could catch up on three and four today. But there was a Lesson 2-A about emerging archetypes like the X-altruistic and the Sociopath. I decided to eat cookies and go to bed. Not the best choice, but there you are. All part of the lack of process with learning.

I skimped by in High School, took fun courses mostly in college, and never got a degree. No way I could focus on learning for that long of a time. Do I want to go back and finish that process? Well, yes, if it’s an easy one and no if I have to read online. Will I keep taking online Writing Workshops? Why, yes, because the next one up starts on August 1st and is titled Speed Writing: Which plan works best for you. How could I not?

071918 learn

Side note, if you haven’t heard about Pitch Wars, you should totally look into it. I don’t have my manuscript ready for that, but I might after the speed writing thing. Having a shot at being mentored by an agent or published writer or editor, not just long enough to pitch the idea, but through the whole manuscript is an opportunity that I don’t want to miss.

Me at about 4 001

I have learned that my habits as a school girl haven’t improved and are an area where I could apply myself to catch up on things that will make this whole writing thing easier to do. Now stand back while I get to work! Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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