My husband and I call each other “Honey” whenever we want to catch the other’s attention. I have often addressed emails or cards to Honey from Honey. We’re also heavily into bees due to our happy glowy-box friends, some of whom we have actually met in person, from the You Suck at Craigslist blog, now on hiatus. May bees be upon you is a group blessing.

041218 bees

Of course, when I saw a semi truck go past us with the name Honeyville on the side, I had to laugh. We really should be living in Honeyville. If I hadn’t already named my fictional town Surrey Ridge and put it in California, I might have been tempted to go with Honeyville. But that has to be a small, rural town in the Midwest or in Montana or Wyoming.

I have a story in the pipeline, so to speak, that ends with a parrot being rehomed. Maybe the bird will travel from Surrey Ridge to a farm in Honeyville where he will live happily ever after. Maybe there will be a crazy bird lady who runs the farm as a parrot sanctuary. OR a crazy bird man, a former priest who felt his calling was to be with Creator’s creatures who needed him the most.


Maynard does laundry
My crazy parrot basis for the first story.


Crystal and Flint are the characters in the parrot story. I can imagine them hiring someone, or Crystal could have a cousin just as ditzy as she is, but with a name that speaks of competence. Verity works, and Crystal would call her “V”. She is a newly minted doctor and has agreed to work in Honeyville for a number of years in exchange for her student debt being paid off.

072618 doctor love

Our ex-priest was christened Ezekiel but goes Zeke. Last name is August. He runs the former Flying O Ranch, now named the August Parrot Sanctuary. The Flying O logo and brand has been turned into a bird in flight. He gets some funding from donors and people who bring their cast-off parrots to him. But he needs to raise a lot more or he can’t take in any more needy creatures.

072618 finances

While Verity has a job to do in Honeyville, once she delivers the parrot, she can’t get the quiet birdman out of her thoughts. She has lots of ideas for raising money. Maybe they can work together and create a steady stream of income from an annual gala dinner, plus a few of the more social birds could show up for kids parties and school carnivals.

Well, there you go! A great plan for a seventh book assuming I ever get the first half dozen written. Good thing I have nothing else to do. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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