Flabby Body, Flabby Brain

The older I get, the more muscle tone I lose. At the same time, my memory is like a steel trap, rusted shut. And I absolutely have a limited amount of time to get my books and stories written. So you would think, wouldn’t you, that I would make healthy living a top priority. Totally the sane way to go during my sunset years.


Me in the a frame 001
Not a recent photo of me


Because obesity is linked pretty firmly and conclusively to dementia and Alzheimer’s. In fact, most mental health issues seem to have a connection to being overweight. I know being a fat kid since 4th grade has given a big boost to my depression.

Having no excuse but my own busy-ness, I want to focus on the way exercising and eating healthy foods impact the amount of writing I can get done in a day. Yet what I really need is a way to handle life while I exercise and make fresh, plant-based meals.

072918 salmon

For instance, a week ago, my dog, Tilda, who is so much a part of my life and my husband’s, too, was acting stranger than usual. We had taken her to a vet and found out she was anemic, but what that vet decided to treat seemed off to me. Still, I trust him. But when Tilda wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t eliminate, and was obviously swollen in her belly, I called another vet.


Tilda in exam room
Tilda, pre-op


We brought her in and they did a tap to see which kind of fluid was in her tummy. The worst outcome happened. She had blood filling her body cavity. A dog of her size has between 700 to 900 milliliters of blood total. Tilda was rushed into surgery, where they removed 1400 milliliters of blood. They also found the expected small tumors on her spleen, which were the cause of the bleeding. The spleen went and they kept her for a couple days.

When I picked her up, the vet admitted she hadn’t thought Tilda could survive the surgery. But my little terrier mix is a fighter. And the whole staff at the hospital loved her so much, they discussed saying she’d gotten lost somewhere so they could keep her.

When we left the animal hospital without my dog and no way to tell if that was the last time I would see her alive, I couldn’t even think of a healthy meal. We went to a nearby restaurant and had macaroni and cheese. Then I had a mud pie and Mike had cheesecake. Stress eating at it’s finest, worse than usual because I never got the signal that I was full. I could have kept on eating.


Tilda, post-op


The good news is, Tilda survived, is home again and will be back to her usual, silly self in a few weeks. The still scary thing is, we won’t get the results of the tumor biopsy for a while. If it’s cancer, we are going down an entirely different road. She deserves to have it come back benign. All my buds are praying and thinking positive thoughts.

This is one incident in my life. There are other stressful things going on. I have been down-sizing my beautiful birds so I will have more time to write. Wait, exercise should be more of a priority, right? What about getting healthy food prepared? I don’t have time to cook and keep the house clean and the yard clean and watered. Anyone else facing these type of conflicts?

072918 make it happen

I need A Plan. This plan must include goals for weight loss, accountability, a healthy eating plan that is easy to prepare, a regular schedule for cleaning and gardening, and a lot of getting birds out of the house and into the easy-care aviary.

Getting your life in order is the first step to being healthy and happy. Your clutter has to go so you can focus on writing and thriving as time goes on. I’ll look at money issues another time because that is part of all of the above. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

Note: My beloved Tilda passed on to the Rainbow Bridge on July 28, 2018. She had cancer after all. She will be missed beyond the ability of words to express.


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