My Writing Day

So many writers in the world have a lot going against them, yet they continue to write and to put out novels that entertain while making us think. I’m never going to write a book that requires deep thought since I don’t live in a war-torn country or suffer from disabilities or work a full-time job or even have small children to care for. I was a coward and gave up writing when my kids were younger. IT seemed the thing to do at the time.

People who haven’t seen me for a while ask, “Are you published yet?” Of course, I am self-published but most of them aren’t interested in that. They want to know when I will start raking in the big bucks. They’ve been hanging around my husband too long. I have a lot of emotional issues, like having a friend murdered, having relatives pass away, and losing my sweet dog to cancer much too young. Again, there are writers who have pushed through those types of things and gone on to become well known. I’m just not those people.

101818 work desk

So here’s an idea of my days. Subject to change without notice.

Every weekday, I wake up at 5:30 am to have breakfast with my husband and say goodbye to him as he goes off to work. Wednesdays and Fridays, I can go back to bed if I want, but I make plans to stay up and get things done. While I am up, I make my daily posts on a bunch of different pages, post on various places, and check the political humor on


Walking the dog happens, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I meet with friends to walk for an hour or so. Sometimes I walk by myself, well with the dog, and plan out story stuff. I have fun.

Mondays and Fridays, I can write from 9:30 to 11, a schedule I got away from. It’s time to get back on that pony. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I usually take care of my birds, inside and out. Waters, feeding, cleaning, and checking for any injuries or toenails that need to be trimmed. Wednesdays, I go to a local coffee shop and write from 9 to 1 with my girls. I can even bring the dog there, which she loves. And she and I head to the local dog park after so she can run off the energy stored after sitting in a stroller for hours.

Discovery Lake sunset 072818

Every day except Wednesday, I head for an exercise center near me and swim for as long as I can stand it. Usually, the water is warm, but now that the season is turning, the pool has been cold. At least it keeps me moving. And makes the spa more attractive.

My afternoons, except Tuesdays, are flexible. I do yard work, housework, laundry. And sometimes I write. That’s gotta be a higher priority for me. Tuesdays I have a weight loss support group with a wonderful group of people and a certified nutritionist who facilitates the meetings. I take notes on my laptop, write them up legibility, and email it out the next week to the whole class. I truly enjoy this job and have met some great friends through the meetings.

062418 measure food

Evenings are a mixed bag. During the summer, it was too hot to cook so we ate out almost every night. Now, I am planning to make dinners except on Wednesdays, because we get poke bowls at a local shop. Once dinner is over and tea is started, I can work on daily posts or blogs or, maybe, a book or two.

Weekends are busy. The first Saturday, I have my bird club meeting in the evening. The second Saturday, we host a game night at a local brewery. The third Saturday, I drive to San Diego for my local chapter of Romance Writers of America. The fourth (and possibly fifth) Saturday(s), we either do something fun, like go to the movies, or nothing at all, in hopes of getting things done at home. This includes writing.

101818 large cuppa


As you can see, I have issues that are keeping me from writing full time. I thought retiring from my full-time job would free up my time, but that is not the case. I need organization (I addressed that in a previous blog) and I could use a housekeeper, a cook, a gardener, and a handyman. If I didn’t have to keep my world together, I could write full time.

101818 handyman

What am I doing toward the goal of more time to write? I am downsizing my flock of birds. I am sticking to a plan for cleaning a part of the house every day. I am working to declutter my life. And I am using my computer reminders to alert me to the beginning of my writing sessions. It’s all good.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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