November Word of the Month

Happy National Novel Writing Month! I’m doing MyNoReMo, or My Novel Rewriting Month. As long as I jump in and keep turning out the words, I think I will be okay. Which made me think of an excellent word for this month.

110118 water climb

persevere [pur-suh-veer]

verb (used without object), per·se·vered, per·se·ver·ing.

  1. to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly.
  2. to persist in speech, interrogation, argument, etc.; insist.

verb (used with object), per·se·vered, per·se·ver·ing.

  1. to bolster, sustain, or uphold: unflagging faith that had persevered him.

Origin of persevere

1325–75; Middle English perseveren < Middle French perseverer < Latin persevērāre to persist, derivative of persevērus very strict. See per-, severe

110118 group fist bump

Being a writer is all about holding steady to the goal, a number of words per day, a finished book at this date, a chapter for a critique group next week. And as I learned from Jeff Lyons, and totally agree, a writer needs to do something before starting to write. I have never been wholeheartedly a planner. I pants a few chapters, then figure out where I am going. I admit the results are sometimes uneven, but the end has always been in my sight.

But to start out with the whole plan, and only need to make a few changes to the structure, not rewrite the whole book 5 times, that would be very good. Understanding how to write a premise is what I almost learned from Jeff Lyons, and I am waiting for the notes from his lecture to show up and remind me what I learned.

110118 words

If this is your first time attempting NaNoWriMo, you will want to know a bunch of stuff before jumping in. So here’s a great article on what every first-time NaNo-ite will Google. My favorite is How much sleep do I really need? Because you will probably trade sleep and family and social interactions for writing. 2K words per day aren’t going to write themselves. And notice how that article is bringing up distractions a couple times there. Whatever you do, don’t click on this link.

So step one of NaNo is to register here. Then check out the events to help get you ready your story. I found the best writing group ever through NaNo regional events and think those are the best ways to find in-person writing groups.

110118 doa

Well, I am jumping in and there’s a chance I won’t get to write all the November blogs I would want to. So if that turns out to be the case, I will have a rerun, one of my more popular posts. Look me up on NaNo, because I won’t be able to chat because I will get distracted, but I can wave happily at my fellow sufferers.

110118 where are we

Thanks for reading, something will be posted here on Sunday.

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