Make the U-turn Now

Writers have great imaginations. I for one imagine I can lose weight as soon as I get my book sold and published. I’ll be going on a lot of book signing tours and using my time more wisely due to a 6 book contract I signed. Right.

The truth is, while it’s a good thing to be healthy from the first day of your life to the last, most of us wander into the Snacks and Couch Potato World and get comfy. Even though I don’t watch television, I do watch movies and I do sit at my computer for hours every day. That’s one reason why I have a dog, so I can get out and walk every day. And I pay for access to a pool.

112018 dog on a rock

But I need someone to handle my food intake. Not just for the regular meals but for every bite in between. I seriously ate more than I should of dark chocolate covered peanuts because the label said No Sugar Added.

112518 ut of the fire

There are several great things happening that give me hope. First of all, you have two kinds of fat. Brown fat, which is burned readily, and white fat, which is saved for that famine that should be coming any day now. That’s the fat that is the hardest to get rid of and comes back the fastest if you do lose it. Well, eating mixed berries, in a quantity of about a pound a day, can turn the white fat into brown. Then it’s up to you. Get your workout clothes on and walk, run, dance, or swim.

112518 berries

Also, Australian scientists (because you know it wouldn’t have been worth it to American scientists) announced in February of 2018 that they discovered a switch in the brain that can turn off the drive to eat and store carbs and sleep in the sun. Instead, your brain will tell your body to burn fat, eat less, and go for a hike. Or clean the bathrooms, whichever is more accessible.

If you accept the idea of making a U-Turn in your lifestyle to be key to making things better, then you can do it. All I need to do is say no to carbs, eat more protein, stick with the berries, and walk an extra two or three times every day. And because I am over 40 by a couple years, I need to make this plan stick through emotional upset and busy days. If only there were 14 Simple Ways to Turn My Health Around. Hey, look at that!

112518 detour

While we wait for the perfect solution to losing weight to come to us, we can prepare by eating sensibly, especially farm to fork foods. Skip boxed and processed foods. Also by staying positive and being active. Get some wonderful affirmations to start your day with. Repeat them seven times. Find seven times every day to remember them. If you are a person of faith, take time daily to strengthen your beliefs and do good deeds. There you go, U-Turn Completed Successfully.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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