Meandering Mind

I’m sitting in a hot tub at my fitness center, tired from walking in the morning then swimming here. The pool was chilly, but the spa is warm and full of salt water. I just about drift off to sleep when my mind thinks, Throw in some onions, carrots, celery, and potatoes, and I’ll be done in half an hour. I just don’t think there’s much call for Demi Soup.

112918 hot tub112918 cannibal

My dog, Astrid, is my near constant companion. I ask her lots of questions. What should we have for dinner? How should I end this chapter? What is the airspeed velocity of an African swallow? (She knows to ask me if it’s laden with a coconut or not) Who won the World Cup in 1958? Alas, she’s not much of a cook, or a writer, or a sports fan. The only question she gives a definite answer to is “Do you want to go to the dog park?” She practically grabs her harness and hits the door before I get out of my chair.

112918 cold coconuts

I think there needs to be a trigger warning on books that are going to talk about food. Warning: Contains references to pizza and bagels. Warning: Takes place in a bakery. Warning: Adult food fight in chapter 12. No, it wouldn’t keep me from reading them, but at least I could have a suitable item available. Like a cauliflower crust pizza or low carb sweets. It’s not easy to be allergic to food. I break out in fat which is really not pretty. Remind me to kiss my husband more to thank him for not caring when I lose or gain weight.

112918 pastries

I try to avoid political comment on here, but come on. Can’t everyone at least acknowledge that liberals have helped save endangered species, improved air quality, and given affordable health care to many more who couldn’t qualify before? I keep seeing that scene from Star Man where he brings the deer back to life, and instead of being amazed by the wonder of his ability, the people are mad that their kill got away. Maybe that’s just the human brain but it seems very odd to me.

112918 star man

The book I am reading for my book club had a scene where the main character loses his little finger on his right hand. My first thought: How is he going to type now? Because everything revolves around what I am doing most of the time. The world of the book doesn’t really have typewriters. When I worked in a photo parlor, dressing people up in Western-like clothes and printing sepia tone photos, the biggest problem we had was covering up inappropriate shoes. Very few, if any, gunslingers word bright white Nikes. Almost no saloon girls wore Uggs. We had to drape dark fabric over them and keep them out of the frame. My coworker and I would see people elsewhere and immediately point out the ones that would need covering.

112918 type

In the same way, when I worked for the county and was a mandatory reporter of child abuse and child endangerment, I would study every family group that passed in front of me. Strangely, the only time I had to report someone was when my own stepdaughter told me privately what her mom did to her and let mom’s boyfriend do. Those were tense days until we got custody and could keep the kids safe. But it was totally worth it.

112918 child

NaNoWriMo is just about over and I am only 40K words behind. I didn’t expect to win this year as I was editing the first novel I completed in NaNo, two years ago. But I am rather pleased with the direction it’s going and the latest idea I grabbed off the internet on how to outline in 20 minutes! We’ll see, and if it works for me, I’ll share it here.

112918 runners

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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