Health 2019

Don’t you hate it when you go all the way to the hospital for a face transplant and find out you will be getting the only nose they have and it’s going to make you fall over? Well, one of the top ten issues that will be coming soon to a surgery room near you is 3-D printing of whatever it is you as a patient will need. Heart things, implants, airway stretchers, whatever you need will be printed right there and inserted into you easily. And the chances that your system will accept the new item is higher because it will be printed to your size and specifications.

123018 nose

I’m especially thrilled to see advances in Immunotherapy for cancer treatment and increased use of AIs in medicine. All of these steps suggested by the Cleveland Clinic are exciting and will certainly benefit the world in one way or another. But what will be done that will benefit me? It is all about me, you know.

Americans are fat, so there’s money to be made in changing that. Drugs are being advanced that will help diabetics as well as those who are obese. One stumbling block is that the insurance companies aren’t on board with the cure and many doctors don’t treat obesity as a disease. We fat Americans are likely to get a lot fatter before we get around to using the new drugs as readily as Metformin is now used.

123018 stethescope

We all have the ability to change our health and weight by increased control over what we eat. We readily look for advice and guidance in this area. The Bestsellers’ list from Amazon shows the popularity of keto plans. But a list from a nutritionist selects well-rounded, science-based diets like the Mediterranean Diet and Vegan plans. I love the notation in this article about the carbon footprint of some diets and how we can help reduce that.

The bottom line on that article is that some people thrive under a strict diet plan, but the best way to go is moderation and a mostly plant-based plan. Good thinking!

123018 tape measure apple

There’s some mention of bariatric surgeries and balloons and so on. I personally would advise against it. I’ve known 10 or more people who have had the surgery and only one of them has kept the weight off successfully. She’s active, takes care of her family, and keeps the maintenance of her diet in front of her at all times. But only you can make that decision for yourself with, hopefully, the advice of your medical practitioner.

123018 clean food

I heard a friend say she hated the term clean eating. I didn’t understand her explanation, but personally, I love that phrase. It means, to me, that I am getting the best nutrition for my caloric intake. So this 2-week meal plan not only sounds helpful, the food looks delicious. Now all I need it to find someone to cook for me. And shop.

123018 crust

As a writer, I have to split my day between caring for my pets, cleaning the house and yard, and getting words on paper. So it’s all too easy at the end of the day to suggest we drive through somewhere quick for a calorie-laden, low-nutrient meal. My weekends are busy, my weekdays are busy, I am trying to fit in all the annual appointments I need to check out my health with practitioners. So every advance that science can bring into existence will benefit me in many ways. The longer I live, the more novels I can get down on virtual paper.

123018 kettlebell

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back next year on Thursday.

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