My Facebook Life

Back when I was a budding new writer, four years ago or so, I was told by published authors that Twitter is a place to meet peers and Facebook is the place to find your readers. So on top of blogging, you need an author page and regular posts about life, not so much about your books that are for sale. That same author demonstrated how to line up a week’s worth of posts scheduled for every day of the week. Me: I can do this!

So I created an author page for my Pen Name, Roxanna Haley. A friend helped me set it up with a pseudo email address and phone number. All good to go. And I decided to have a Monday travel by imagination, Tuesday Reader Challenge and New Releases, alternating, Wednesday Couples who are made for each other, Thursday Eye Candy, Friday Funnies, Saturday Shoe Crazy, and Sunday Story Behind the Songs.


Then I decided to have a Facebook page for the Bowman’s Inn anthologies. Even now that the books are done, I like to keep the page up. I will always love the covers of the last two volumes. So considering the stories take place in a bar and the bartender is Cupid, the schedule is Monday Mixer, Tuesday a Week of Holidays, Wednesday Celebrate Bees, Thursday Book Lovers, Friday Archery, Saturday Cupid’s Humor, and Sunday Driver.

I take notes and send out weekly reports for a weight loss support gro

011019 bowmans inn

up called Weigh to Go. Another member thought it was a good idea to have a Facebook page for the group. We set it up and then she moved away. So every week I post Monday Strength of Mind alternating with Strength of Body, Tuesday Kitchen Time, Wednesday Funnies, Thursday Exercise Tips, Friday Positive Thoughts, Saturday Self Esteem, and Sunday Maintenance Tips.

011019 wtg

I moderate a group on, a place for writers to get online support. My group is called Writers Who Love Romance because, duh, I write Romance. And there isn’t a place on Scribophile for romance writers that is as active as we are. We have a weekly goal thread, a Monthly Goal thread, and a Year’s Goals thread. So I thought it would be fun to have a Facebook page for this group. We have a private group where people can ask to be made a member, and a public group where I do what I do on my other pages. Monday is Mood Music to write by, Tuesday is Tips and Resources, Wednesday Wise Words (quotes from Romance books), Thursday is It’s a Funny Life humor posts, Friday Cover Story, Saturday Muse, and Sunday Industry News.

011019 wwlr

During the course of creating the Bowman’s Inn books we had a shortage of stories for one volume so using the name D.L.Hungerford, I wrote some short stories. Therefore it was a simple step to create an author page for that name. Monday I post Relationship Goals, Tuesday is Memory Lane (featuring many photographs from my life), Wednesday is My Characters’ Closets, Thursday Hunks with Pets, Friday Firemen, Saturday Funnies, and Sunday Dream House.

You’d think that would be enough to keep me busy, right? Well, when I adopted my first dog, Tilda, who has since gone to the Rainbow Bridge, I discovered that dog parks were not as much fun when no one else was there. Eventually, I realized Tilda hated going to a dog park, but I kept up the dog community. I call it San Diego North County Dog Park Community and Dog Parks and More because I try to post things most dog lovers will enjoy. Monday is for Movies, usually short videos from the internet. Tuesday is Treasures, products that might be just what you need for your furkid. Wednesday is Adoptables, Thursday is Take me With You, Friday is Puppy Love, Saturday is Popular Breed Countdown, and Sunday Funnies round out the week.

Tilda Happy Dog

I write two blogs a week on being a writer and share those on Roxanna Haley and D.L. Hungerford’s pages. I write one blog a month about my bird obsession and share that on the bird club Facebook page. I help my nutritionist friend with her mission, Kingdom Quilters, to bring quilts and other needed items to the poor and elderly nearby and in Guatemala.

But wait! There’s more! I wrote in the past about the blog You Suck at Craigslist where I wormed my way in as a moderator and factotum for the smart people who created it. When they decided to retire the blog, I cried. Then I asked permission to start my own similar blog. Welcome to Fabulous Sparkyville is the result of that. People send me things they find on Craigslist and I post three times a week in great silliness. And I have a Facebook page where I also post the posts.

060117 sparkyville

And this hopefully explains why I can’t seem to find time to write on my work in progress. My acknowledgment of writing as my current employment has had little impact on all the things I have need to do like clean the kitchen so a new faucet can be installed. And going to take care of a friend’s birds while he globe trots to a World Bird Show in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, I see it all coming together soon. One day I will get a month of posts scheduled instead of two weeks at a time. I’ll get a month of blogs set up and scheduled. I’ll get some time to walk my current pup, Astrid, in some nice dog parks (Hey, a dog that likes dog parks!) and keep up with my own physical improvement. These goals are obtainable and they will happen!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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