Tweet What You Read!

I’m never in a comfortable position to tweet when I finish a book. I will never remember if I don’t do it immediately or more likely, will never make time to do it. So I am helping out the authors who have provided entertainment for me by tweeting out this blog. Go, me!

I always have at least the book club read to talk about and what others in the club thought of it. This month was Tim Powers’ Alternate Routes and I like it a lot. But my husband was sick on book club night and I didn’t want to drive by myself in the rain for such a way. I loved the use of magic in this book, the way that once you were near someone who died on or by the freeways, you could then see the ghosts. I still don’t understand who the bad guy was supposed to be, but maybe he wasn’t supposed to be anyone. The Labyrinth played by its own rules and Tim Powers kept it consistent and exciting. I’m hoping for a sequel to this one.

021719 alternare routes

I loved Border Line by Mishell Baker, so I picked up Phantom Pains, the sequel and second in the trilogy. My love for the story deepened as I think the writer put in more depth and conflict. Of course, we had the mourning of those lost in the first book, and an explanation of why the first one seemed to end incompletely. For the most part, if you didn’t remember everything about the first book, you might get lost. Bring snacks and a road map. It’s worth it.

021719 phantom pains

I spent some time indulging in my Romance addiction. I read Reckless Conduct by Brandy Ayers, a fun and hot story of a one-night-stand that haunted each participant through the rest of the book. This is the first in a series called the Blue Line and deals with a smallish town’s police force. I’m looking forward to more of her work.

021719 reckless conduct

My husband kept telling me I would love the We Are Bob books by Dennis E. Taylor. Darn him, he was correct. I read We Are Legion, the first book in the Bobiverse, and laughed at the nerd jokes, cried at the loss of even one immortal, and hissed at the idiots who could not get their heads on straight. A post-apocalyptic story, eventually, it starts out at a science fiction convention. There are obvious cliff hangers in here so there is a guaranteed sequel. Can’t wait for time to start the next one.

021719 we are legion

I also indulged in some Christmas romance stories in a compilation called Kissing Santa Claus. The three shorts are by Donna Kauffman, Jill Shalvis, and HelenKay Dimon. All of them contain a lot of sizzle and the last one by Ms. Dimon takes place in Hawaii. The story is hot and enchanting, too.

021719 Kissing santa clause

Probably due to missing the book club meeting, I was unclear on the next book. I thought it was the second book in the Machineries of Empire by Yoon Ha Lee. I read a few pages and loved that the author now took some time to explain that very unusual universe in more detail. Then my husband started talking about the next book club read, and I realized I had the wrong one. I’ll get back to this one, I simply love the concept of an ancient, insane general taking possession of a young, smart captain of the opposite sex.

021719 raven strategem

Next month, we’ll be reading The Peripheral by William Gibson. Three chapters in and I think I need a string with beads on it. (You’ll get that joke if you have read Alternate Routes) I will soldier on, ha ha, and give you more input in March.

021719 the peripheral

Movies have been rare right now as we haven’t gone to see anything in the theaters and have been too busy to watch anything at home. The exception was Wonder Woman, and yes, I liked it. I didn’t think I would like Chris Pine as anyone but Captain Kirk, but he was perfect as Steve Trevor. And yes, the ending made me very eager for the next movie. Let’s hope DC keeps the bar high. I know, this movie came out in 2017. I just now got to watch it. That’s life.

021719 wonder woman

Keep on reading and be sure to tweet what you read, one way or another. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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