Health and Your Skin

Writers often don’t get out into the sun very much. We sit alone, indoors, at our favorite writing platform, and create shiny, happy people. As we age, our skin might have lost the healthy glow of youth and the sun-touched color starts to fade. Keeping our entire system healthy is very much a benefit for life. So what do we do?

022419 bathtub

This article states that healthy skin should not make you aware that it’s there. Most of your organs are like that. You aren’t very aware of your liver or kidneys unless something is going on that’s not fun. So basically your skin is like all your body, there and keeping quiet.

The Mayo Clinic gives us some great tips on keeping that young skin looking fresh and soft. I remember having a D’oh! moment when I was told the best way to prevent age spots on my hands was to use sunscreen. It made too much sense, and it actually worked. I love the last point in the Mayo list, manage stress. Oh, how I wish I could!

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Women get to deal with a host, ha ha, of other skin conditions like yeast infections. There is no part of a woman’s body that can’t be infected if it’s dark, moist, and you don’t get the chance to clean properly. Yet using regular soaps on your skin is similar to strip mining your body of vital oils, healthy flora, and the right pH balance. These conditions can lead to worse infections, dryness, and out of control acne. Yuck!

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When I heard that showering with just water, no soap, was better for human skin, I threw my soaps and body washes to the curb. I have had no complaints about body odor in all the time I have been soap free. My husband, who has a much better sense of smell than I do and tends to get very close and personal to me, had never complained and in fact, likes my fresh smell better than perfumy soaps and washes.

022419 pretty soap

I admit, there are days when I feel the need for a scrub, so I have lavender oil and salt that I mix in small batches and scrub away. I also have a great bath brush that can exfoliate my back and legs. I’m confident enough that I don’t need the natural ingredient type of soaps, but I understand that many of my readers won’t be ready for that. There are usually stores selling bath items in most malls where you can use the checklist in the article from HealthLine to be sure to get something safe and good for your body.

022419 science guy

Be aware of the unsafe soaps in most grocery stores. Soaps are not great for the environment, so they can’t be that good for our skin. And try the no-soap approach to see if that helps your skin regain its youthful glow of health. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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