Why I can’t Finish my Book

My dog flunked daycare.

The rain is distracting me.

Solitaire calls and I must answer.

I have to post this blog.

I have to post these dailies to Facebook.

I promised to beta read these ten books.

The sunshine is distracting me.

I’m reading a book and can’t put it down.

I have birds.

Maynard does laundry

I have to walk the dog.

I’m teaching a class.

It’s meeting time.

I’m taking a class.

I can, right after I go grocery shopping.

022819 groceries

All my base are belong to Facebook.

Right after the POTUS speech.

The server is down.

Where did I put my notes?

Did I save my last draft?

I can’t find chapter 39.

022819 computer language

It’s intimidating to start over from the beginning.

Hey, where did that come from?

Time to wash my hair.

Lawn mowing waits for no one.

Watching the grandchild.

Best Lionel at lion drinking fountain


What else could happen?

Time to make tea.

I didn’t get my nap yet.

The bathroom isn’t going to scrub itself.

Full Metal Jacket is being released today.

Avengers End Game is being released soon.

This research isn’t going to do itself.

022919 maintenance

The car is due for maintenance.

Emotional eating is all I’m doing today.

I can’t figure out the best way to kill this character.

When should she have the baby?

This birthday party isn’t going to plan itself.

Should she go natural or have a saddle block?

What kind of uniform would he wear in 1805?

022819 british military

Fark.com is my news go-to and it’s hard to break away.

This rug isn’t going to vacuum itself.

The bird droppings would kill a Roomba.

What will clothes look like on this planet?

Dog rescue and adoption videos today.

I’m sick for a few more hours.

022819 sick

I’m trying to take pictures of these birds.

Can you believe her wonderful book will be a movie? I have to tell everyone about it.

My canaries are fat.

My dog wants to chase cats.

I don’t have writer’s block, I have Procrastination Level 10.

What if I sell this book? They will want another one, won’t they?

Someone took this joke seriously, I have to correct their point of view.

022819 arguement

Which point of view should I use in this story?

I haven’t written a Bowman’s Inn short in years now. Why do I keep getting story ideas for it?

These Dr.Who videos aren’t going to watch themselves.

Gotta send in information about the next bird club meeting for the newsletter.

Sleep. I need to sleep.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday with something a little more relevant.

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