Flu Season Hunting Rules and Limits

First of all, Know your Flu. The symptoms are exactly the same, only the severity is different. A(H3) is more common this year than A(H1N1). Both like to prey on young children and the elderly. A late season showing by H3N2 is bad news for the elderly. Due to the weakening of the respiratory system, either flu could lead to pneumonia and hospitalization of any age person.

When hunting flu, you only get one shot. But you do get it every year. No, the shot does not attract flu. And its effectiveness is up to 47% instead of the 37% last season. The flu attack without the shot will be much worse than if you get the shot. Come on, you’re a writer. You should be able to schedule a few hours to go to the shooting range at your local pharmacy or clinic.

033119 syringe

There are other skills you need to develop to be able to stop the Flu, or at the very least, limit the damage it will do. The Flu is afraid of soap, so wash your hands thoroughly at all the usual times plus whenever you sneeze, blow your nose, pet your pet, or touch anything in the doctor’s office. Wash under your fingernails, under rings and bracelets, and between your fingers. Sing Happy Birthday quietly to yourself to be sure you don’t go too fast.

The Flu will attack people who sneeze so use a tissue to cover your mouth and nose. Or sneeze into your elbow. If you have to use your hands, that’s okay as long as you wash them immediately. Otherwise, you are luring the Flu to you. Unwashed hands are the playground of the Flu.

033119 doctor

Minor cuts and scrapes should be washed and probably bandaged so the Flu can’t get in that way. Serious cuts or bites will need a doctor to examine and stitch up. And leave it alone so it can heal! No picking at scabs. Seriously, that is so gross.

033119 lab results

Don’t share plates, forks, glasses, straws, or any eating utensils with anyone. I would like it if anyone could convince my husband of this. That’s why we have been passing this back and forth for about 8 weeks. We do not have good Flu Fu.

Wear gloves or use a grippy thing if you have to pick up tissues and waste from those disgusting people around you. Those things attract the Flu and can make you miserable. And while you’re at it, teach those people to pick up after themselves. This isn’t a hotel, folks!

033119 hosp ward

Do I really have to mention safe food handling? NO, because that goes into the Harvard Medical School’s tips on preventing all infections and we are more focused on the one that stalks our land right now. Instead, look at these 10 myths about the Flu that make the creature more powerful and deadly. Tell me in the comments how many of these you have lived by, okay? Mine is feed a cold, feed a fever. Yeah, that’s just mine, not all that common.

033119 elderly

If you are a writer, like me, you spend much of your time along at some sort of word recording device. Then you go do your shopping, touch the handle on the trolley, and forget all I wrote about washing your hands. You touch your face, adjust your glasses, pick up a cup of tea, and there you go. You just let the Flu in. So be smart, use alcohol wipes on your keyboard to prevent computer viruses, and get through this horrid season like the heroes and heroines you actually are.

033119 children

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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